Market Leading Bottles by MAM | NEW Sets Added

What’s not to love about MAM?! They are the market share leader in bottles and soothers in the U.K., with the innovative brand’s consistent growth enabling them to overtake long standing established feeding brands in the market.

MAM bottles are a game-changer when it comes to feeding and not only because of their self-sterilising feature. Designed with both baby and parent in mind, these bottles are not only functional but also stylish. The unique shape and ergonomic design of MAM bottles make it easy for babies to hold and self-feed as they grow. The soft silicone nipple mimics the feel of a mother’s breast, providing a comfortable and natural feeding experience. In addition, the symmetric shape of the teat always fits perfectly in baby’s mouth, supported by the fact it has a 94% acceptance rate. The air valve prevents the teat from collapsing and allows for an even drinking flow. This anti-colic feature of MAM bottles helps reduce gas and colic, ensuring a peaceful and comfortable feeding session for your baby – supported by 80% of those in an independent test. The wide opening of these bottles makes them easy to clean and fill, saving carers precious time and effort. MAM bottles also come with a leak-proof cap, making them perfect for on-the-go feeding.

Whether parents are formula feeding or breastfeeding, MAM bottles are a reliable and practical choice that will make feeding time a breeze for both parent and child. Just released into Baby Brands Direct stock are additional starter sets, at an SRP of £50.99, the set provides for 4 x 160ml bottles including slow flow no. 1 teats, 4 x 260ml bottle bodies, 1 x 0-2 month Start soother, 1 x extra soft bottle spout & 1 x hold my bottle handles. The design of this set reduces waste as it uses the same base, rim and caps on both sizes of its bottles. The additional handles and spouts convert the bottle into a trainer bottle as the first step towards transitioning to a cup. These starter sets are available in pink/peach, aqua and cream, and a great in store offering with limited market disruption.

For a super deluxe version, retailers can stock the MAM Bottle Starter Set Large Neutral, which includes 6x 160ml Easy Start bottles, parts for 6x 260ml Easy Start bottles, 1 x hold my bottle handles, 1 x extra soft spout, 2 x medium flow teats & 1 x MAM Original Start 0-2m Soother!

Baby Brands Direct is a proud advocate and UK distributor of this multi award winning brand. MAM’s product innovation, consistent marketing direct to consumers, and inspiring motifs continue to drive sales. Login now or register, and review the whole MAM range, ensuring your consumers have access to the best and latest designs.