Medela To Host UK’s Eighth Big Breastfeeding Cafe

Breastfeeding brand, Medela, is to host the eighth Big Breastfeeding Cafe on the 12th May 2022. This national initiative celebrates breastfeeding and the wonders of breast milk – creating positivity in local communities for mums who breastfeed. Breastfeeding can be difficult for many mothers, with difficulties with baby latching on or not being able to produce enough milk causing strain. Societal views towards breastfeeding can also sometimes be challenging, with mums often not being able to find somewhere safe and accepting to feed their baby for fear of poor reactions from members of the public. This campaign hopes to highlight the positives of breastfeeding and show appreciation for all mums out there who breastfeed their little ones. 

The campaign is taking place in homes, community centres and mum’s groups across the UK,  a return of the ‘in-person’ element after having to run virtually during the lockdowns. However, the event will also run online to ensure even more mums are able to get involved. Live content is planned all day, from Pilates stretches, to real life mum stories, expert advice and a globally recognised breastfeeding researcher – so as well as being fun, it’s also helpful and informative.

Charlotte Price, Medela UK’s marketing manager, commented: “We are so pleased to see the return of the Big Breastfeeding Cafe. Over its eight years so far, we know the event has supported thousands of women and really given them a day to celebrate their achievements so far in their breastfeeding/expressing journeys. Our main aim is to give all the breastfeeding and expressing mamas (and mamas to be) a giant high five, so it will certainly be a wonderful national event once again.

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