Milton | Buy 2 Bottle Cleansers & Get A Hand Gel FREE

Milton To TradeMilton is a leading brand in sterilisation with its roots dating back to 1916, when it was invited by the ministry of health to provide an effective solution to sterilisation of baby bottles. It’s heritage and continued efforts to combine the latest findings in science gives it both authority and experience in the field.

One of its products was brought to market after their research demonstrated the strong desire (an overwhelming 83% of participants) for the item by parents of babies. This item was the Milton Baby Bottle Cleaner (formerly named Washing Up Liquid), and since its launch has been a volume quantity sales driver at Baby Brands Direct. This product addresses the key points as to why parents wanted a specific product, given that general washing up liquids overlooked the specific characteristics relating to baby products.

Milton Special OfferThe Milton Baby Bottle Cleaner is specifically designed to remove milk residue and greasy white films that can then be responsible for the growth of harmful bacteria. This makes it particularly ideal for use on baby’s bottles, milk storage pots and breast pumps. In addition, it is completely fragrance and colour free – leaving no lingering post fragrance near baby’s mouth and is reassuring pure in appearance. The formulation is additionally manufactured to ensure that there is no chemical residue with washing so that it is perfectly safe to use on developing immune systems. The product is also paraben free, perfect for sensitive skin and has been dermatological tested.

Unbelievably, this hero product is now on special offer in conjunction with the Milton hand gel! Boasting similar properties of being free of colour and scent, this FREE 100ml Milton hand gel is ideal for on the go in changing bags and more, with 100% plant based ingredients. It includes 80% ethanol for efficacy and protection, which is produced from beetroot grown in France and guaranteed without genetically modified organisms and 2% glycerine for skin moisturising properties.

Hurry this offer is exclusive to Baby Brands Direct customers and designed to promote business within the independent trade sector. The offers runs until the 16th Feb. Should either line temporarily go out of stock during the promotional period then please use the quick order form to pre-order the stocks in order to secure the free stock. Login now to place orders or register here to apply for a trade account.