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The brand’s roots originate in the U.K in 1916 with the launch of its sterilising fluid that soon became relied upon and trusted extensively for use in the world wars and hospitals; establishing both is name and reputation. In the late 1940s an outbreak of gastro-enteritis, linked to baby bottles precipitated the launch of the Milton Method of sterilisation to counter this. To date it has won more awards that any other sterilisation system.

Ownership of the brand has changed hands over the years, notably being acquired by Procter and Gamble in 1985, who then developed and added to the range the Sterilising Tablet. Since 2001 Laboratoire Rivadis has owned the licence and having a DNA of Baby and Family products, has developed the range and branding further for specific use by this audience. They introduced a variety of modern containers, including flexible cold or microwave sterilising units, designed to hold different baby products for use with their sterilising fluid or tablet in the home and on the go. They also launched a range of hygiene products for use in baby’s environment such as that for hand and surface sanitisation.

Milton Products

The below diagram provides an easy overview to the building blocks of the Milton range.



The range of products developed for sterilising use either the sterilising tablets and or sterilising fluid. This offers parents a very simple and flexible understanding and way to ensure items touched by baby and put into their mouths are germ free. Milton’s sterilisation formula is clinically proven to counter: Bacterial, Fungicidal and Virucidal germs – in 15minutes. No electricity or heat is required. Items can be kept in the solution for up to 24hours and there is no need to rinse before use.

New Product Launches

The immediate future will see the addition of 2 products to the hygiene range in new but related areas of baby activity. Firstly, a specific washing up liquid for baby’s products. Extensive research has shown consumer concern about fragrant liquids, potential chemical residue as well the greasy lining of residue milk found with using standard washing up liquids. Milton’s washing up liquid addresses all these concerns as well as the added benefits of being colour and paraben free and suitable for sensitive skin.

The second product addresses consumer concerns about washing baby’s clothes with standard fabric detergent. With baby’s skin being very thin and easily damaged, it also means that anything applied to it will have a higher concentration in its body than that of an adult, hence delivering an increased risk of toxicity. The new Milton’s laundry liquid is designed for baby and children as well as allergy sufferers, its colour free, has neither preservatives nor phosphonates added and is hypoallergenic, whilst being tough on stains. It also contains Camomile extract to wash gently and protect delicate skin.

Baby Brands Direct also intend to be stocking the Milton’s professional range for those customers involved in using or supplying the products for direct volume use in environments such as hospitals and schools. The range, all made in France, consists of a Degreasing Cleaner – with 100% plant based ingredients and 100% biodegradable formula, a Disinfecting Cleaner PRO – with 60% biodegradable ingredients, a Disinfecting Cleaner Active – with 100% plant based ingredients and 100% biodegradable formula and an Air and Surface Disinfecting Spray. Both Disinfecting cleaners address bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal germs in under 30 minutes, and are suitable on floors and surfaces in contact with food, and dry quickly.

T.V Advertising Campaign

The company is investing colossal amounts into a cross-platform communications campaign, which includes a broadcast advert, new website and a comprehensive PR and social media program.

The campaign, which features their new TV advert conveys how baby’s learn by putting all sorts of things into their mouths and how Milton products can help protect their environment. View the T.V. advert below.

The campaign launches today – the 6th February nationally and the 30 second TV advert will be aired across multiple TV and social channels watched by new mums and mums with infants. The broadcast and online channels include – Sky1, ITV 2, Disney Junior, NickJR, Mumsnet and Youtube. The matrix approach of linear T.V adverts and targeted Adsmart and Video on Demand adverts predicts a strong message performance to over a 1million relevant audience this month.

Christine Dugendre, Brand Manager at Milton said: “This is a new era for Milton, we are investing more than ever before to show mums how Milton is relevant to their modern lifestyles. Milton has been a leading force in sterilising for over 70 years, and our cold water method has been used by millions of parents and midwives in homes and hospitals throughout the UK and beyond. Our latest campaign is targeted to reach new and expectant mums and dads, letting them know they can trust Milton to protect their baby’s environment.”

Baby Brands Direct

Milton’s range of products represents innovation and creativity whilst addressing the safety of baby from germs in the fundamental activities and environment taking place in looking after a baby. The brand’s strong reputation of trust and credibility with scientific backing makes it one of the best options for stockists to offer consumers; to alleviate risks simply and cost effectively, and free up time for more enjoyable moments with their baby. The investment by Milton into mass media promotional activity, specifically T.V. demonstrates the company’s commitment to brand growth and further cements their position as the leading sterilising brand. Baby Brands Direct wholesales the full range of Milton products exclusively in the U.K. to independent baby and nursery retail specialists.

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