Mums Pick Their Top Breast Pumps

Leading parenting magazine, Mother and Baby, recently asked some mums to test a range of breast pumps and name their favourites. The mums named several breast pumps available at Baby Brands Direct in their top picks! Breast pumps allow mums to give their baby breast milk, while giving them the option to be flexible and feed baby when breastfeeding isn’t an option. They also allow dad to get involved with the feeding as well, letting him bond with baby during mealtimes. The mums that took part in the testing told Mother and Baby that their key desires in their breast pump were quietness, comfort, ease of use and efficiency. There are a number of different options available to buy wholesale at Baby Brands Direct – with many of them being chosen by the mums! 

The mums found this pump very easy to use and liked the fact that it could be both plugged into the mains and taken on the go, as it’s battery operated. They also liked how gentle it was, stating that it was comfortable and took the work out of pumping. The fact that it features a double pump meant that they were able to express more milk, which they appreciated. 

Mums liked the lightweight design of this pump, stating that it was easy to use and compact – perfect for on the go. They found it easy to express milk with as the handle is comfortable to use and the suction feels like baby’s natural sucking rhythm. They said that it was easy to set up and great value for money. 

This pump was easy to use and assemble, as well as being easy to clean and take apart. They liked that it included a handy clip to attach it to clothing and found it to be comfortable and discreet. Mums said that it was efficient and allowed them to express more milk quickly than some other pumps they had tried. 

The mums said that this pump was perfect for travel thanks to its compact design. They felt that the pump was simple and straightforward and made up for the simplistic features with its ease of use and efficiency. The built in silicone cup means that suction is not lost and many of the testers found that it was very effective in helping them express milk quickly. They also appreciated the adjustable suction levels. 

This pump allowed mums to express a large amount of milk without being uncomfortable, despite being manual. They liked the pump’s versatility and adjustable funnel, as it allowed them to find an angle that best suited their needs. The fact that it is manual also means there’s no cords or charging required, another plus point for mums looking to express on the go. 

The mums found this pump quiet to use, which helps them be discreet when out and about. They said that the cushioned cup was very comfortable and the no lean forward design meant that they could sit in a position that felt more natural. They found it easy to use with intuitive buttons and features. 

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