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NEW Munchkin Product Additions to Trade

One of our top performing brands to trade is Munchkin, who has just launched a capsule range of new products within the categories of baby feeding and bath toys.

Munchkin's Miracle Cup lids wholesale

In their signature logo colours and a must have for all retailers specialising in baby products is the 4 pack of Munchkin Miracle Cup lids. The cups launched in 2015, following the dedicated efforts of the owner of Munchkin to develop a cup that didn’t leak and could be sipped from any a point on the rim for his Father in hospital. The launch changed the toddler cup market forever, galvanised market share, increase the unit value within the category and having competitors near and far attempting to replicate the miracle. Over the years the trainer cup mixed assortment became available to retailers to purchase in block colour and similarly for the sippy cup. Added to the range in 2017 was a stainless steel version of the same with a lid and early this year has seen the launch of the ‘fruit infusion’ cup and an adult version of the miracle cup! Popular demand for the cups has seen a rise in requests for the lids to be sold separately just to protect the rims in transit from dirt. The pack of lids containing 4 colours is available at a reasonable SRP of £3.29.

Munchkin cleaning brushes supplier

Where little ones are concerned, keeping baby products super clean is a top priority and hence the launch of the 4 pack of little brushes to reach every angle, crevice and small part. The item comes on its own ring to keep the brushes safe and tidy and includes a straw brush, spout brush, lid and threads brush as well as detail brush, each with its own colour handle.

Munchkin's steel drying rack available to trade

Also new in is the shiny stainless steel range of kitchen accessories which is particularly ideal for parents who want their baby accessories to be on par with the rest of the adult deco. It’s also ideal for retailers wanting to expand their offering and reach a higher price point whilst still having the assurance of quality and expertise from a leading baby products manufacturer. The arrivals include a bottle brush with replacement head and also includes a concealed rubber teat brush. One of the best-selling items within the Munchkin portfolio at BabyBrandsDirect is their folding drying rack and now there a stainless steel drying rack option. The latter can hold up to 8 bottles but best of all the drying pegs can be removed and placed in any configuration, making for a really personalised drying preference. It also has ample surface area for smaller items and houses a tray underneath to collect water.

Munchkin Raise Distributor

Another great product addition is ‘Raise’ within the weaning category in the form of baby’s forks and spoons that has a base that keeps their tips off surfaces. This is a unique offering within Munchkin’s cutlery and definitely well worth adding in. Other cutlery lines addressing specific needs include the soft tip spoons, scooper spoons, gentle silicone training spoons and hot white safety spoons.  

Last but not least adding to their successful range of bath toys is the sea spinner wind up shark that floats and spins. Parents don’t need to worry about batteries in the bath with this traditional wind up feature that encourages dexterity as well as cause and effect. Manufactured to Munchkin’s high specification the product is water-tight so that parents don’t need to worry about mould and mildew either.

Spinner Bath Toy by Munchkin

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