NEW Arrivals from NUK – Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse and More!

Great news: leading wholesaler, Baby Brands Direct, have some great new arrivals from leading German brand, NUK, available for our wholesale customers to order now! NUK is the best-selling baby brand in Germany and is sold in over 110 countries worldwide. Their teats and soothers are approved by the British Dental Health Foundation and they have conducted clinical trials to prove that their products make it easier for mother and child to alternate between breast and bottle feeding.

The new range includes the brand’s popular Perfect Match bottles, which are available in a variety of different styles and designs – including Winnie the Pooh and Mickey and Minnie Mouse motifs! The inclusion of these beloved, classic characters will appeal to parents, giving them feelings of fond nostalgia. 

NUK’s Perfect Match bottles feature a soft teat that gently moulds to baby’s lips and palate. The smoothly tapering shape also makes it easy to latch on! The bottles also feature an innovative Anti-Colic vent, which helps prevent air from being swallowed. These bottles also feature a built-in Temperature Control Indicator on the side of the bottle that changes colour when the bottle’s contents are too hot – helping parents keep their baby safe!

As well as individual bottles, we have some starter sets available with everything parents need to feed their little one. These are great gifts for new parents and come in attractive packaging. These starter sets feature multiple bottles in different sizes, to support feeding at different stages of development. The sets also include a NUK Space silicone soother, which is designed to protect baby’s sensitive skin with its large holes, helping to increase air circulation around baby’s mouth.

Also available is a selection of NUK’s Perfect Match Teats in Slow, Medium and Universal variants. These twin packs are perfect for ensuring that there is always a replacement teat on hand. The different flows support babies’ unique feeding habits, with slow flows for younger babies who are less confident with swallowing and universal flow for older babies that can swallow easily.

We also have NUK’s new Mommy Feel soothers, which are designed for breastfeeding babies. These soothers feel like mum’s breast, with soft silicone that fits perfectly in baby’s mouth. As only baby’s lips touch the teat, the sensitive skin around the mouth stays open to the air, helping to prevent skin irritations.

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