NEW Barbie Additions S/S 2018 at Baby Brands Direct

Barbie’s sister Chelsea has joined the Mattel collection this spring at Baby Brands Direct in a variety of skin colours and sizes. Each of the dolls wears a different outfit and comes with a cardboard accessory such as a food item depicted on a plate for enhanced value and play possibilities.

Of course Chelsea needs somewhere to live so a gorgeous house set within a tree is also in stock! It’s a lovely set for a special present, opening up and offering a lot of detail and accessories – including Chelsea’s pet puppy. With a reasonable SRP of £24.99 we think retailers should do well with this line.

Within the Barbie series, we have added to the very popular automobile collection with a new Bistro Scooter! Barbie’s career dreams can come true with this on trend little playset having a scooter to the front and food truck at the rear. It also comes with food accessories for stimulating added play value and a safety helmet for the rider.

Following the same food theme, is a Barbie and cooking appliance set with accessories. Dressed in a very appealing baking outfit; with cupcake design t-shirt and apron Barbie has her own interactive oven, baking accessories including spatula, piping bag, bowl as well as the innovative cup-cakes that actual rise in her oven.

Baby Brands Direct is now wholesaling the increased Barbie range, so log in to place your store’s orders!