NEW Barbie and Harry Potter Figure Dolls and Playsets Available For B2B Supply Now!

Barbie SupplierJust in at Baby Brands Direct from global manufacturer Mattel, are their latest additions for A/W 2019 to their Barbie collection and Harry Potter dolls. The new arrivals are available on the wholesale platform for B2B purchase only at trade price.

Barbie’s real estate continues to boom with her acquiring a private jet this season that has space for a pilot and 2 passengers (this is in addition to her helicopter, convertible, camper, moped and 2 luxury houses the Dream House and 3 Storey Townhouse). It’s a great addition to the range, especially given that a pilot doll is available via the career assortment as is the travel doll and accessories set.

There’s also a new bakery shop and doll set which comes with experience features such as dough that rises in the oven. With similar features to the very popular, T.V. advertised Ultimate Baking Innovation set, it comes in at a slightly more affordable SRP of £34.99 as opposed to £49.99. Plus its very on trend being bakery and cakes orientated.

Another great set is the Barbie with Chelsea and horses which includes 15 pieces to encourage little ones in creative play. Horses and ponies do tend to feature in the Barbie range in the run up to each Christmas and this year it’s great to have a set that includes both characters appropriately dressed and paired with appropriately sized animals and even a pet puppy! The SRP is also competitive given how much is included. Barbie Dolls Supplier

Barbie Unicorn SupplierFor those looking for a head turning product that drives excitement both in store and for those looking for an extra special toy, then consider the Magic Touch Unicorn and doll set (SRP £50). New for this season it not only fulfils the Unicorn trend but also hits the rainbow theme too. A gorgeous set, magic is added with the experience features the item competitively offers including lights, sounds and music through interaction!

For the first time in the history of Barbie, the brand has launched a doll in wheelchair with ramp. It is a brave move for the brand that has received a lot of positive media attention in its continued efforts of integration and normalising different types of body shapes, skin tones, hair colours, styles and more.

Harry Potter Dolls SupplierThe Harry Potter dolls have been extremely popular with retailers stocking for their stores through Baby Brands Direct. From gift shops to wizarding stores, the dolls have proved very popular, and in particular the female dolls, suggesting that in addition to the Harry Potter fans and collectors, girls are also adding them to their own figure doll toys of choice to play with. The latest additions, also include Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger and Cho Chang in their Yule Ball outfits, offering exquisite detail in their apparel and a higher price point for retailers in the run up to the festive season.

Retailers can pick and mix their stock lines from a broad base of nursery and toy lines all at the manufacturer’s recommended trade price, alongside further incentives at Baby Brands Direct. Trade account holders can also order in minimal quantities, with very few products having pack sizes and there’s further no minimum order value and carriage free to mainland UK is just £200. If you would like to apply for an account please fill in the online form here, if you are already an account holder, please do peruse our FAQs to make sure you are getting the most out of the facilities we offer (such as the free resource centre that has the image bank and product CSV files, as well as setting your preference for various notification e-mails that may help in running your business).