NEW Barbie Collections to Trade for Spring 2020

One of the most exciting new additions to the Barbie collection this season is the ‘reveal’ range, these dolls have to be opened and immersed into water before revealing what colour they are and revealing the motif on their leotard. They also come with accessories in 4 concealed bags! Launched just before Xmas there has been a huge social media storm and excitement about them! There are currently 2 themes with food or pet motifs on their leotards.

The Spring range also introduces additional Barbie dolls including that from the Dream House series show which includes well dolls that kids will recognise like Barbie (classic blonde), Daisy, and Nikki. In addition, in recognition of super model Winnie Harlow and their own celebration of individuality Barbie has launched their premiere doll with Vitiligo. Within 3hrs of the brand posting a picture of this doll on their Facebook page it received 141 likes, 8 positive comments as well as shares.

There are also new playsets for the trade to display and excite little ones imaginations with fresh themes like the Bathtime Playset that includes fizz packs that make the bath water bubble! It comes with lovely real life like accessories for a relaxing well being in the bath as well as a cute puppy. The popular cooking theme continues with an exciting noodle bar with lots of cause and effect activities and much more to capture kid’s attention.

Barbie SupplierWith the Olympics planned for this year there are a couple of sports focused sets including a swimmer and gymnast. The swimmer comes with great accessories including a diving board to medal and herself features a lever to set her legs moving in a swimming action! The gymnastics playset is truly spectacular coming with a balancing beam that she can flip across with the help of the attachable doll’s spinning clip! It is packed with 15 accessories that includes 2 outfits, gym bag, trophy and more!

Ken SupplierThe Babysitter range that comes with Skipper and a toddler, is now available as a solid (not assortment) in the bedtime range that includes a bed and toddler in glow in the dark nighties! There is also a gorgeous new Ultimate Curls set with which kids can curl their dolls hair (heat free) using rolls or pretend curler. Different styles of curls can be achieved just like in real life. Accessories are a must for Barbie, and her shoe collection is at the forefront! Given the popularity of the additional clothing packs an assortment of shoe packs are also available at Baby Brands Direct and make for easy add on or entry level purchase.

The popularity of Ken has skyrocketed since the launch of his modern body types and hairstyles! His demand has enable Mattel to launch a career range of dolls! The first series just launched includes not only a range of Ken careers spanning a barrister, fireman, footballer and life guard but also covering a mix of skin tones and looks.

Collectors Barbie DistributorSpring 2020 also offers a celebration of its founder Barbara Millicent Roberts, through its BMR 1959 collection. These dolls are all about self-expression and a re-imagined 90s decade of dolls! Highly sought after by collectors too with Barbie fans notably spanning generations of fans! The highly detailed, fully poseable 5 dolls, are each from different ethnic backgrounds with a variety of skin tones and hair types including extra long braids, and wearing a range of fashion styles of the time. Each comes in a specially designed, FSC-certified shoebox.

Barbie WholesalerChelsea, Barbie’s younger sister is ever popular with the doll now available within the dreamtopia collection in a fantasy and mermaid style! At the same price point as the classic Chelsea assortment this is a great way to increase sales of the collection. There’s also a super cute pack including a Princess Chelsea (in a fairytale fashion with crown) and 2 delightful unicorns (one in pink and one in lilac). The set also includes accessory bottles to allow little ones to act out feeding and caring for their unicorns. There are 2 larger sets: Chelsea and aquarium and also a Chelsea and school playset. Both are packed with accessories to keep little ones engaged with role play. A favourite at Baby Brands Direct is the Barbie Chelsea Camper this includes a Chelsea doll wearing fashion and shoes, a puppy, a car plus a transforming camper/campsite! In addition, there is a guitar, fire pit, 2 stools, 2 sticks with marshmallows, 2 drinks, a pot, towel and blanket!

We don’t think there is much more that retailers or kids could have wished for this season with a lot of Barbie toys at a range of price points and features to choose from. Baby Brands Direct is a leading  wholesaler tailored to the needs of the independent trade, offering same day dispatch, easy online ordering and self management facilities. There are no minimum pack size quantities on non assorted styles, giving retailers increased flexibility to offer a wider choice of products. Log in here or apply for an account here to place orders.