New Barbie Dolls and Playsets from Mattel

Great news – Baby Brands Direct have just launched some new Barbie dolls and playsets in time for the Christmas rush! Barbie is one of the world’s most popular franchises, with over a billion Barbie dolls sold worldwide in over 150 countries. Thanks to the brand’s ability to innovate and keep up with current trends, Barbie dolls have remained popular with young girls over several decades. The Barbie range now features dolls of different races, body shapes and also some with disabilities. This means that all girls have the opportunity to see themselves represented by the brand, regardless of their ethnicity or if they are a wheelchair user. This inclusion of different body types – along with the message that tells girls they can achieve anything – gives the franchise a wide appeal in a modern age. 

Included in the new range are the Barbie Extra dolls, which come with a variety of accessories for dress up fun. Barbie Extra dolls feature beautiful colourful hair that can be brushed and styled, allowing girls to express their own creative flair. These dolls also include pet figurines, which offers opportunities for nurturing play, as kids can act as caretakers for these small animals. We also have the Barbie Extra Deluxe Doll with Blue Hair for even more dressing up fun. This great option for Christmas gift comes with enough mix and match fashion pieces to create over 30 different looks. This makes this Barbie doll excellent for creative play, as kids have a lot of freedom to create new styles. 

Also new to Baby Brands Direct are some new exciting playsets that are perfect for imaginative role play. The Barbie Dream House is a wonderful, highly interactive playset that can be used with any Barbie dolls. Standing 43 inches tall and 41 inches wide, this doll house encourages 360-degree play! It features three floors, over 75 storytelling pieces and 10 indoor and outdoor living areas – offering a huge amount of role playing potential and encouraging movement to build gross motor skills. Exciting features include a working elevator, party room with a DJ booth, second-story slide with a pool, balcony with a repositionable hammock swing and a puppy play area with its own pool and slide! It also features realistic sound effects, 2 soundscapes, 3 songs, 8 light colour options, and 4 light settings – making playing with the Dream House an immersive experience. This is a great big ticket item for Christmas, especially as it offers upselling opportunities as parents can purchase more Barbie dolls to go with it. 

The Barbie Groom and Care Horse playset features Barbie doll, 2 horses and accessories, as well as fencing with a trough, shower and styling station. The horses’ manes become colourful when they come into contact with cold water, so kids can have fun learning cause and effect when they wet their horse’s hair and see the colours emerge. Both horses’ heads can nod up and down, making them great for posing and pretending to eat their carrot snack. The included Barbie doll can be bent at the knees and seated in the larger horse’s saddle to go for a ride.

The Barbie Fast Cast Clinic playset is a unique offering, which allows kids to create their own casts for their Barbie dolls from coloured dough. This fun hospital set includes a doctor themed Barbie doll and 30+ pieces to play out the hospital fun. Some of the accessories feature a clip so the Barbie doll can hold them, making play even more realistic and immersive. This will help develop emotional and social skills as kids will be able to pretend to be in a position of care. 

Check out the Baby Brands Direct new products page for all the latest items – or head over to the Barbie brand page to see the full range of products available to buy wholesale.