NEW Barbie Extra Dolls – Available Now

Baby Brands Direct now have the new Barbie Extra dolls from Mattel available to buy wholesale! These new dolls bring a modern, funky edge to the traditional Barbie figure, with youthful styling and eye-catching clothes that allow any kid to become a fashionista. With bright colours and bold items, these toys really capture the imaginations and excitement of young girls. The dolls include different body types and skin colours, ensuring that kids can see themselves represented in their new friend. The Barbie Extra range lets kids explore self-expression through style and offers an creative play experience with posable dolls that encourages communication, empathy and social skills. 

Available at Baby Brands Direct are two dolls – one with a funky rainbow coloured coat and one with a pink coat. Both dolls feature around 15 accessories included such as unique handbags, necklaces and sunglasses. They also have their own little unique pets to keep them company – such as a unicorn pig or cool poodle. Each pet comes with their own accessories too. These dolls are perfect for kids aged from 3 to 9 years, to play with independently or with friends. 

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