NEW BRAND: Bibado Now Available at Baby Brands Direct!

Leading nursery wholesaler, Baby Brands Direct, are pleased to introduce the Bibado range of bibs and weaning products to our customers!

Bibado is a British brand dedicated to making life easier for children and parents, by creating innovative and effective weaning items. Bibado design products that encourage discovery during mealtimes. Exploration and engagement is their number one goal. This new stylish brand was created by a mother – and has great reviews from parents. The Bibado range will look wonderful in all shops and these unique, colourful products are perfect gifts for new mums and dads.

The Bibado Coverall Weaning Bib is an innovative product that makes dinner times mess free and less stressful for parents. It’s a must-have for all weaning babies up to 36 months! This coverall style bib has straps to attach it to highchairs, pushchairs and tables. The bib then forms a surface that catches all falling foods, saving floors and chairs from excess mess. Bibado customers believe that this helps save them 30 minutes of cleaning every day – as they can simply wipe down the bib rather than having to mop up or clean dirty clothes! This innovative, exciting product is available in a range of different colours and styles that parents and kids will love!

Bibado’s trendy neckerchief style Double Dribble bib is super absorbent, with a unique internal face cloth between the two soft bamboo towelling layers. This helps keep little ones dry and comfortable all day long. The bibs are hypo-allergenic, reducing skin irritation, dribble rash and soreness caused from constant dampness. The ingenious Clip It version of the Double Dribble bib comes with an adjustable, integrated attachment strap for soothers. This keeps the soother safe and stops it from falling on the floor and getting dirty. It’s always right where baby needs it! The strap can also be hidden out of the way inside the double layers of the bib when not in use.

Bibado’s Handi Cutlery is ergonomically designed and easy for little hands to hold. The Handi Cutlery makes eating easier for little ones, as the fork is specially shaped to pick up food rather than mash it. The product has a unique ‘no drop’ system, with straps that attach to Bibado’s Coverall Weaning Bib. Bibado’s cutlery is available in matching styles and colourways to the bibs, so parents can coordinate the products – or mix and match if they wish! The attachment feature makes the cutlery a great add-on item when buying a Coverall bib! Suitable for use from 6 months up to 2 years, these great forks and spoons are built to last throughout the child’s weaning journey!

As well as children’s weaning items, Bibado also have an innovative product for mums. The Bibado Poppit On is a multi-purpose item – an attachable feeding cover, muslin and wiping cloth all in one! As it has multiple functions, it can be used whether mum is breastfeeding or bottle feeding – or simply needs something to wipe baby’s mouth with. The Poppit On is perfect for those who like to use a cover when breastfeeding, as the unique oval shape ensures mum is completely covered – allowing her to feel confident when breastfeeding out in public. It’s easy to wear and adjustable neck poppers hold it in place whilst feeding and winding. It’s made from a soft bamboo cotton blend, making it gentle on skin, breathable for baby, and easy to wash and dry.

Check out the Bibado range at Baby Brands Direct, available for retailers to buy wholesale online.