NEW Brand Just Launched: Ragtales!

Great news! Baby Brands Direct are now offering Ragtales dolls and plush toys to our wholesale customers! The products in the Ragtales range are British designed and made with high quality materials – such as super soft plush, wool and corduroy. The products all have a timeless, rustic charm – full of character and heritage. These sweet products make for wonderful gifts for baby showers, births and christenings, as they are presented in attractive packaging and have a indulgent feel. 

Children’s dolls and plush toys provide excellent companionship and support to young children. These toys help strengthen emotional development and encourage compassion and empathy. They are also great for imaginative play and developing social skills. The Ragtales Ragdolls, Sophie, Tilly and Tommy, are each unique and charming, with beautifully crafted clothes and cute friendly smiles. These make for perfect companions for little ones and will help encourage children to communicate, play and create. 

The adorable Ragtales bunnies, Alfie and Fifi, are sweet and soft with cute dotted inner ears and super soft plush fur. These sweet bunnies appear across multiple products including comforters, rattles and booties – making for a cohesive range of products that will look great on any shop shelf. Consumers will love the coordination too and babies will simply love how soft and cute they are. 

Darcy Bear is a wonderful choice for baby’s first teddy bear. This adorable white bear comes in a lovely presentation box and features a beautiful soft velour nose. His limbs are jointed and he can be positioned and moved, so he can sit on the shelf of the nursery easily, as well as being played with. Darcy Bear is a wonderful gift with a luxurious look and feel. 

Specialist baby and nursery wholesaler Baby Brands Direct are pleased to offer Ragtales dolls and plush toys to our retailers. Check out the Ragtales brand page for the full range of products available.