NEW BRAND: Lalaboom Toys Now In Stock!

Baby Brands Direct are pleased to announce that we now have the colourful Lalaboom range of toys available to our wholesale customers! Lalaboom is a new, fresh and exciting brand, which was started in 2018 in France and has expanded into Africa, Asia, America and the rest of Europe. The range also won 18 awards in its first year, proving just how popular the brand is! 

Lalaboom toys are developed with the Montessori method in mind. The name pertains to the method’s creator, Maria Montessori, a doctor and scholar who published her ground breaking educational theory in 1907. She believed that children needed to be able to play independently with materials in order to develop properly, in an environment specially suited to their needs. Autonomy, freedom, self-correction, discovery through exploration and manipulation of objects are key skills that children should learn with the Montessori method. Dr Montessori saw that children learned best by doing and that self-motivation and independence saw children becoming more confident. Other aspects of the method are taking the child’s needs into consideration, leaving them to learn at their own pace, respecting their freedom, and encouraging them to discover their senses and skills.

Sensory discovery is fundamental to the Montessori method because, until the age of 6, children discover and decipher the world using their senses. That’s why Lalaboom have made their toys full of lumps and bumps and different textures. The first product the brand created was the pack of Lalaboom educational beads, as they wanted children to play and explore freely with their hands and these beads encourage tactile play. The set encourages 5 evolutionary stages of learning through the actions of popping, twisting, mixing, stacking and lacing of the beads. The beads are available in different pack sizes – from 12 up to 48.

The range then quickly developed into other educational toys, such as the Lalaboom Rainbow Balancing Game. This product consists of 5 arches and 4 educational beads of different colours and is specially designed to develop the fine motor skills of the child. The toy offers learning opportunities through stacking interactions with the balancing arches and beads. It also helps kids think creatively and use their imagination, as they can stack the shapes in new and exciting ways each time.

The Lalaboom Splash Ball and Beads Set is a multifunctional game that is compatible with Lalaboom beads, making it a really versatile item. The set is great for storing, pouring, building and having fun in the water. Kids can have fun putting the beads in different spots to see how it affects the water flow. A suction system allows the basket to be fixed for better stability and easy storage. Another great bath toy is the Lalaboom Bath Toy Caterpillar And Beads. Kids can build their very own caterpillar friend in the bath with this fun interactive set. The beads can be combined in different ways to make up the caterpillar’s body and are made with different textures to encourage sensory development.

The Lalaboom 2 Sensory Balls And Beads 12Pk is a great set of toys, with 2 sensory balls and 4 different beads. The balls are created with grooves or pegs, meaning that they can easily click into one another. The beads also come with these grooves or pegs so they can be attached to the construction in different ways. This enables kids to build their own creations that easily lock into place so that they don’t fall down. They’ll have fun figuring out all the different ways the pieces can come together.

Lalaboom products are inspired by the shapes of nature, with added modern, fun and impactful colours to stimulate the child’s vision and curiosity. Children are at the heart of the brand’s creative design process, regardless of gender, meaning that the products are unisex – so are perfect for all families. Check out the full range of Lalaboom products, now available to buy wholesale at Baby Brands Direct.