NEW Brand Launch | Gro Products | Distribution

We are delighted to launch a new, multi award winning nursery brand, The Gro Company for wholesale access to approved retailers with Baby Brands Direct this week. The brand that established itself with its phenomenal sleep bag, the Grobag some 2 decades ago has gone onto launch many more innovative baby products that are now available to trade through Baby Brands Direct.

The range includes both textile and hard ware lines. The former includes the comforters and sleep aids that are fashioned in friendly animal characters called the Grofriends. Both Ollie the Owl and Percy the Penguin are each available as a comforter and Sleep Aid. The comforters are made with soft velour uppers, cotton undersides and embroidered detailing. The blanket has knotted ends for teething and provides security and comfort. Attached is the plush toy character that has flapping wings and feet for little ones to explore. The sleep aid offers 4 soothing sounds – Heartbeat, Rainfall, White Noise static and Brahms Lullaby and has an inbuilt cry sensor activation. It also has 4 levels of light brightness, adjustable volume, and activation buttons in the character’s wing. The item can also be secured by its Velcro strap to cots, moses baskets, pushchairs, car seats and more.

Another key area of the Gro Company products is their lighting range. Perhaps most iconic and with considerable accolades is the Groclock. The item uses fun images of the sun and stars to help teach littles ones about when it is time to sleep and when it is time to get up. There is also a switch that enables parent to change it to a digital clock as children develop. It also comes with an illustrated product adding to the perceived item value and helps encourage a bedtime routine.

The Groegg, now in its second edition, Groegg2, is bigger than the original model and offers the functionality of a digital room thermometer and night light. It has adjustable brightness levels and is has colour coded temperature display making it easy for parents to quickly comprehend the room temperature and keep baby comfortable. The item is available with both a UK plug or option with a USB. For add on sale opportunities retailers can consider also stocking the Groegg shell which is a decorative accessory that can be placed on top of the egg to make the item more nursery like having the face of a sleeping owl.

The Grolight is an attachment that can is used in conjunction with the existing nursery lighting to adapt the light setting. It emits a soothing glow and has an adjustable brightness setting to suit the need and area of installation. It comes with 2 types of attachment – the Bayonet and Edison.

Another useful and well publicised product is the Groanywhere blind in stars and moon print. It is essentially a black out blind that can be used almost anywhere and adapts to fit any window up to a maximum of 130cm by 198cm. It is particular great when travelling being able to quickly adapt the environment for continuity and a restful sleep.

When baby cannot sleep it can be particularly difficult for parents, with their own need for sleep sending them searching for an aid to help. The Grohush is one of those products and is a device that is covered in a soft cotton cushioning with hand support so that parents can hold it against baby whilst they simultaneously cuddle them. It transmits white noise including heart-beat, ocean waves and rain falling on a tin roof which helps to soother and relax baby.

Baby Brands Direct is a multi-award winning wholesaler to independent retailers with approximately 80 brands available to trade and now also includes The Gro Company baby products. Log in to review and secure stock for your store or register if you wish to apply for a trade account.