NEW From Lamaze: Fun and Exciting Activity Toys

Lamaze is a brand dedicated to creating engaging, baby friendly products, promoting development in young children, whilst promoting their philosophy of healthy parenting. The Lamaze Infant Development System is the categorisation created by Lamaze, to group the design and development of its products. It is a three step model based on behavioural growth designed with expert advice. This allows them to create products that are educationally beneficial and supportive of baby’s needs. Baby Brands Direct have some exciting new products in stock, available to buy wholesale now!

The Lamaze Mix & Match Caterpillar is a cute caterpillar soft toy and colour-matching puzzle all-in-one! The toy is made up of eight separate segments that easily join together. Let baby take apart or put together the caterpillar any way they choose, or play a colour matching game with baby. Give him a shake and a squeeze and baby can discover delightful squeaks and chimes.

The Lamaze Zero the Zebra is a developmental toy that features plenty of fun for little one to explore. Parents can give Zero a shake to show baby how he jingles when he moves. Surprise crinkles and interesting textures make grabbing and squeezing him more fun! Zero also features contrasting patterns and multiple bright colours that provide visual stimulation during play time. With the Lamaze on-the-go clip, parents can easily hook this cute baby toy to strollers, carriers and diaper bags for fun on the go.

The Lamaze 3-in-1 Airtivity Table is designed to keep baby exploring and developing starting around 6 months and all the way up to 3 years. There are more than eight different ways to play with the table that little one can discover, and each is designed to encourage different areas of development as your child grows. The Airtivity Center promotes visual development, tactile processing, fine and gross motor skills, and problem solving.

Check out the new products page for the full range of new items available to buy wholesale from Baby Brands Direct – or head over to the Lamaze brand page for more products.