New from Tiny Love: Wonder Buddies!

The Wonder Buddies from Tiny Love are here! These adorable little critters are the perfect stocking sized toys for little ones – offering fun and excitement for hours. Babies will love playing with Thomas the Rabbit, Coco the Mouse and Leonardo the Lion. Each toy is brightly coloured with a cute face and range of textures to explore, making them appealing to baby’s senses. 

These little toys also have some amazing features that make them really special and unique. Tiny Love Wonder Buddies are equipped with smart sensors for a fully interactive experience. Little ones can play hide and seek with their friends by covering them with a blanket or hiding them in a drawer. The Wonder Buddies will make sound while baby looks for them. When they are found, they respond with a cute ‘yahoo’! Kids can touch their noses to make them sneeze, or press their heart button on their tummies to see it glow! They can also feed their new friend with the piece of food that comes with them. The sensors in the toy can detect when the food is held to their mouths, which results in more cute sounds to reward little one. Kids can also put their new friend down for a nap – when the Wonder Buddy is laid down, it will begin to snore. 

These adorable little creatures help teach kids a range of important life skills, such as cause and effect and waiting for results. The toys also help develop important mental skills, such as compassion and creativity. Mum and dad can use the Wonder Buddies to get involved with playtime themselves, helping to encourage baby to listen and understand what their little friend is saying. 

Tiny Love Wonder Buddies are the perfect present for little ones aged 1 year upwards. These little friends are available to buy wholesale at Baby Brands Direct, a leading UK distributor of baby goods and toys. Check out the Tiny Love brand page for the full range of products available.