NEW! Godzilla, Ben 10, Doc McStuffins and More from Flair!

Flair is a brand dedicated to bringing beloved franchises and characters to life with their high quality toys and products. Flair was established in 1999 by a team of industry experts and international toy companies and has achieved consistent growth over the last 12 years, making it within the UK’s top 10 toy companies. Their portfolio is extensive, with a huge range of products from different brands. 

Baby Brands Direct are pleased to announce that we now have some new products from Flair, from popular franchises such as Ben 10, Doc McStuffins, Godzilla, PJ Masks and I Dig Monsters! These toys and playsets are perfect for imaginative play, boosting communication skills and giving kids the chance to explore new exciting scenarios every time they play! 

For girls, the I Dig Monsters and Doc McStuffins ranges are perfect, with their pink and pastel palettes and cute designs that will appeal to their tastes. The I Dig Monsters Jumbo Popsicle Assortment features an adorable Monji bunny plush with a smaller figure inside a squishy popsicle that can be peeled, grated and pulled apart. These figures feature one of several designs, making them a great collectable item. The figures are also available in the I Dig Monsters Small Popsicle Pack Assortment – which are great inexpensive add on items for collectors. New to the Doc McStuffins range is Doc McStuffins Wash Your Hands Doll – which is extremely relevant to the current climate. Kids will enjoy singing along with Doc McStuffins as they practice washing their hands to the “Wash Your Hands” song from the show!

Also available is the Emotion Pets Cry Pets puppy, which is sure to tug on the heartstrings of any little girl. The puppy loves to be held like a baby and fed his bottle. Kids can fill the bottle with water and squeeze the bottle gently to feed him, then watch as his eyes fill with tears. They can then soothe him and dry his tears, helping them develop their caring skills.

For boys, we have a great range of exciting Ben 10 and Godzilla products available! Kids will love these playsets as they allow them to create exciting adventures and battle scenarios. The Ben 10 Transforming Omni-Cycle is a great toy to re-enact high speed chases and fun adventures from the Ben 10 TV show. With his Transforming Omni-Cycle, Ben can drive through any off-road terrain or zip through the skies, ready to take on the bad guys! The Monsterverse Godzilla vs Kong Hollow Earth Monsters assortment is a great selection of figures that will give boys the opportunity to create exciting battles in their own bedroom. These figures come with battle damage features. Remove the panels to reveal the damage done by other monsters!

Check out the Flair brand page for all the products from Flair, available to buy wholesale at Baby Brands Direct.