NEW IN: Keel Toys Keeleco Range! 100% Recycled, 100% Huggable!

Leading UK wholesaler, Baby Brands Direct, is excited to launch some exciting new lines from UK based family toy manufacturer, Keel Toys!

The new Keeleco range is particularly desirable for eco-conscious consumers as these adorable little toys are made from recycled plastic bottles! The products are super soft and cuddly despite their origins as plastic waste!  Single use plastics and bottles have become an environmental concern, resulting in the increased use of recycled polyester. Recycled polyester, also known as rPET, is obtained by first collecting bottles and other plastic waste and cleaning them. The cleaned bottles are shredded and then crushed and formed into pellets. The pellets are then crushed and melted to create the yarn. The yarn is then spun to create the thread, which is then woven to create the base fabric. This gives these toys a unique appeal that sets them apart from other products on the market and allows parents to feel like their choice has helped reduce negative effects on the environment. 

The range is made up of beautiful animal designs with a neutral colour palette to suit all tastes. They are perfect gifts for baby showers, birthdays and christenings. The Keeleco Baby range includes rattles, comfort blankets and teddies in adorable koala, zebra and lamb designs. Also available are cute dinosaur plush toys, with cool scale like detailing. The Keeleco toys feature embroidered eyes made from the recycled polyester thread, giving them a friendly look!

Also joining the Keel Toys range are the super cute Snugglebies – cuddly plush animals inspired by the Japanese kawaii (which means cute) culture! They’re soft to the touch, with dense fur that baby will love to feel against their skin! These cute plushes are available in a variety of animal designs, including monkey, fawn and panda. 

Check out the Keel Toys brand page for the full range of cuddly teddies and gifts, or head to the new products page for more great new items, available to buy wholesale at Baby Brands Direct.