NEW: MAM Bottles, Teats and Soothers

MAM is one of the most popular baby product brands in the world, and Baby Brands Direct are pleased to announce that we now have some brand new MAM products for retailers to buy wholesale. After its beginnings in 1976, the company has grown and evolved to become a leading brand and now approximately 50 million MAM products are sold across the globe each year. They are committed to producing stylish baby equipment that is also functional and backed by medical experts

There is now a 90ml Glass Bottle available – the smallest bottle in the range. This latest glass bottle was created with newborns in mind. Its size is perfect for smaller babies, providing them just enough milk for nourishment. The bottle is also designed to offer a safe and friendly starting point for Glass Bottle use. Developed and rigorously tested by MAM’s team of medical and safety experts, designers and engineers, MAM Feel Good Glass Bottles are strong, durable and naturally BPA-free. The MAM Feel Good Bottles are made of temperature resistant glass – so they won’t shatter or break when exposed to hot liquids. They also come with the patented SkinSoftTM teat.

The SkinSoftTM teats now come in a 2 pack of newborn sized teats. As well as for newborn babies, these teats are perfect for smaller and premature babies and particularly suitable for breast milk. This is the slowest and smallest teat in the MAM range. 94% of babies accept the MAM Teat, according to market research conducted between 2009 and 2017, with 1,508 babies. The symmetric shape fits perfectly in babies mouth and the silky soft texture feels just like mum’s breast. 

Soothers are great for providing comfort. Babies often feel the need to suck on something when they’re awake and not feeding. This is called non-nutritive sucking and is a natural part of a baby’s development. Baby Brands Direct have a great selection of new MAM soothers available – including the new premium MAM Comfort Soother. This new soother was developed in collaboration with leading paediatricians, nurses and speech therapists and is perfect for small or newborn babies. The first of its kind, the soother is made entirely from 100% high quality silicone and is the first one piece soother from MAM. The carefully designed soother is extremely lightweight and features an extra small teat which helps to support natural sucking behaviour and promote healthy oral development. 

Also great for newborn babies is the MAM Start soother, designed for 0 to 2 month old babies. These are available in adorable animal designs, with three different colourways to suit any baby. The shield design of the soother allows maximum airflow and is curved for maximum comfort. The new MAM Air soothers are designed with extra large air holes to reduce skin irritation, so that baby can suck on the teat comfortably, without their skin getting irritated by the lack of airflow. Mum and dad can also see baby’s sweet smile through the soother. They come in two sizes and are perfect for growing babies. 

Baby Brands Direct also have a great selection of new MAM Perfect soothers available. MAM Perfect soothers are optimised to reduce the risk of misaligned teeth. The Perfect soothers are 60% thinner and four times more flexible than competitor products, so less pressure is put on baby’s teeth and jaw. These are available in a range of stylish designs and colours, as well as three different sizes. Also available are MAM Perfect Night soothers, which glow extra bright at night time, making them easy to find in the dark with little disturbance to little one. All MAM soothers come packed in a convenient steriliser box. This means they can be sterilised in 3 minutes in the microwave without the need of a separate steriliser – helping to reduce packaging waste and turning the box into a versatile, handy tool. 

Baby Brands Direct have a great variety of MAM products available to buy wholesale. As one of the leading baby product wholesalers in the UK, we are dedicated to offering a huge selection of the best baby and nursery brands. Check out the MAM product page for the full range.