NEW MAM Soothers: Now Available!

Baby Brands Direct are pleased to announce that MAM’s refreshed and repackaged soothers are now available to buy wholesale! MAM is one of the biggest names in the baby industry, well known for their innovative soothers which boast a number of features – as well as stylish motifs and designs. Soothers are a staple product in the baby and nursery industry. Giving a child a soother can help to allow them to self-soothe, calming them down and keeping them from crying and fussing. This makes them great for taking out and about, on trips to the supermarket or wandering round the shops.

MAM soothers are some of the most popular on the market, with fans around the globe. This German brand has made waves in the several decades of operation, with the brand becoming the number 1 feeding brand in the UK. Their success is thanks to the quality and functionality of their products. MAM soothers are created with guidance from healthcare professionals, including orthodontists. Each type of soother features the patented MAM teat, which is designed to support healthy jaw, teeth and gum development. Thanks to this soft, breast-like teat, MAM soothers boast a brilliant 94% acceptance rate!

The new range includes the return of some iconic MAM motifs, such as ‘I heart Mummy/Daddy’, as well as adorable new animal designs that children and adults are sure to love. These new soothers are also made from sustainable materials, continuing MAM’s eco-friendly mission for lower CO2 emissions and better manufacturing practices. 

Each soother comes in refreshed packaging, featuring the new MAM logo – a lovely revamp for the brand at the start of the year. They are still packaged in a convenient steriliser box, which is great for parents who want to keep their child’s soother clean while on the go. 

Visit our MAM brand page for the full selection of new soothers – or check out all our new products!