NEW Munchkin Products: Cups, Munchkin Milkmakers and More!

Munchkin is on a mission to be the most loved baby and nursery brand in the world and as such, continue to release high quality, vibrant and unique products that both parents and kids will love.

Leading baby wholesaler, Baby Brands Direct, are pleased to announce we’ve just launched some exciting new Munchkin lines, including their new rechargeable Mini Steriliser, which safely eliminates 99.99% of germs, bacteria and viruses using just UV light. This small device is easy to carry in a handbag or changing bag, so it can be used on the go to sterilise soothers and other small items. We also have the updated High n Dry Bath Organiser, which made of mildew-resistant material and provides an easy storage solution for little one’s growing collection of bath toys. The mesh design allows water to easily drain out of the organiser.

Munchkin has partnered with the Whale Sanctuary Project and the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) to produce their WildLove range of products. We now have the latest cups in the range, with beautiful animal designs that kids will love. The range prompts kids to learn more about wildlife and the natural world, encouraging them to do their bit for their planet. Each cup is packaged in eco friendly, recycled packaging.

We’re excited to introduce the Milkmakers range from Munckin to our independent retailers. This new line of lactation support foods is a huge hit in the US and features natural ingredients such as oats, flax seed, yeast and fenugreek that are proven to help support breast milk supply. Each pack features bite sized, tasty chocolate chip cookies that are perfect snacks for lunch or after work, allowing mums to fit them into their busy lifestyles. 

Check out the new product page to view all our latest items, or head to the Munchkin page for the full range, available to buy wholesale from Baby Brands Direct.