NEW NUK Soothers and Disney Bottles

The much awaited new collection of soothers by NUK are in wholesale stock now at Baby Brands Direct! Each now comes with its very own handy reusable storage case which can be used to keep the soothers safe and clean but also to hygienically clean the soothers with steam in the microwave.

The range includes a silicone and latex teat option in two sizes and two colours each as well as the absolutely gorgeous new Disney Winnie the Pooh motifs.  All the soothers benefit from the NUK Air System which helps to ensure the mouthpiece remains soft and flexible, encouraging the correct development of a child’s teeth whilst the integrated grooves enable saliva to flow away from the baby’s mouth preventing skin irritations.

Specifically the NUK latex soothers have an orthodontic profile that adapts to the shape of baby’s mouth. This helps to exercise the lips, tongue and facial muscles, which promotes the healthy development of teeth and jaw. The flat shape of the soothers also helps prevent pressure marks and also stops the soother from falling out of baby’s mouth. Another special highlight of the NUK latex soothers is the sweet motifs in pastel baby and rose, making them quite an irresistible purchase for shoppers and gift givers.

The NUK Genius Soother with silicone teat has been developed in partnership with dental experts worldwide, and is the new generation of NUK Soother. Still based on the approved orthodontic NUK shape, but improved with a softer and more flexible baglet, to further reduce the pressure on baby’s jaw and teeth, as well as the risk of teeth misalignment. As the soft surface moulds itself gently against the child’s palate and the underside of the teat offers a smooth transition and a domed shape it gives the tongue plenty of space for natural sucking movements. In addition, the even narrower and particularly thin teat neck helps reduce pressure on little teeth.

It is available in pastel pinks and blue as well as in Winnie the Pooh illustrations including Tigger and Pooh. We expect sales of all things Pooh to rocket over the summer with the scheduled release of the Christopher Robin (winnie the pooh) movie boosting interest in the license.

Some retailers may remember the 300ml NUK Disney bottles! Well, they are back by popular demand in refreshed gorgeous Mickey and Minnie Mouse prints and in addition are each now available as separate SKUs. This bottle is a best-seller within the range and features a NUK First Choice+ bottle with First Choice+ Teat.

The teat is known for replicating a mother’s nipple during breastfeeding and features the special, orthodontic, asymmetrical NUK shape, an extra wide lip support and a new extra soft tip to fit baby’s mouth perfectly, simulating breastfeeding as closely as possible. The bottle also features the NUK improved Anti-Colic Air System which helps to prevent colic by allowing air to flow into the bottle through a vent, ensuring that no air is swallowed during feeding.

Baby Brands Direct has been a trusted distributor of NUK feeding products for approximately a decade. The range of multi award winning products, designed with the upmost attention to detail and incorporating years of research and experience provides a staple product range that is an asset for good independent stores to offer. Registered retailers with us can of course obtain the range at trade price, plus volume incentives and annual loyalty credit.