NEW Season Playmobil Toys

Playmobil Toy Supplier

We are so excited to have the latest Playmobil toys in stock now available to retailers to purchase at trade price from one of the UK’s leading distributors. The creative range includes the new ‘Mars Mission’ space theme and ‘Summer Villa’ family holiday fun theme alongside new additional lines in the popular Fire Rescue theme.

The pre-school toys by Playmobil offer a lot of value not just in the development of dexterity but by encouraging imaginative play they help little ones to tell stories, interact with others in role play and engage in different life scenarios.

The themes that Playmobil offer toys in are truly captivating even for the adults. Each piece and each playset is made with such attention to detail, use of colouring that they attract the visual senses and emotional excitement.

The brand has stood the test of time, originally coming to market in the 1970s, it was designed to fit perfectly in a child’s hand for optimal engagement in the toy, a formula which has clearly proved successful.

Playmobil Toys Supplier

One of the most popular Playmobil themes at Baby Brands Direct, is the City Action Fire Brigade. We have therefore expanded the collection to include an additional fire engine one with a ladder and the other with water cannon. There is also an updated fire station which now also comes with a helipad for the fire copter. There is also a figure set with water pump.

To really spark those imaginations and encourage interaction is the new Space range that includes a space station packed with accessories and play possibilities. At lower price points there’s the research vehicle and rover to choose from as well as add ons in the form of the space astronauts, the latter of which is likely to be popular with adult collectors.  

Playmobil Toys

The Family Fun theme adds to its toys with summer themed products including the Villa with Balcony and multiple accessories to delight, there’s also the outdoor pool that can be played with in isolation or combined with existing Playmobil toys. There’s also the option of the family car with trailer, don’t forget the toy open from the top allowing kids to easily load up the vehicle with their favourite toys and zoom off. The Pet Groomer and Fun Park playground also give the opportunity to relate to experiences in their own life or be exposed to new concepts.

Additional supply at Baby Brands Direct of Playmobil toys is expected late July in time for the launch of its movie in the form of related character and scenery merchandise. Login now to review prices, download images and CSV files as well as place orders. If you would like to apply for a trade account to obtain supply then please do so online here.