NEW Tommee Tippee Anti-Colic Range & Block Colour SKUs

Tommee Tippee has replaced their Tommee Tippee Advanced Comfort range and relaunched their Advanced Anti-Colic range. The reason for this is that following extensive research they found 50% of the bottle market sales were branded as ‘anti-colic’ – an area the brand was under trading in. They also found that the consumer wanted a breast like bottle with the advantages of proven anti-colic performance.

Hence Tommee Tippee has combined their award-winning breast-like nipple with the latest in anti-colic innovation. The advanced system uses a unique 3-piece anti-colic technology that draws air away from milk and the star valve keeps milk from traveling up the tube resulting in 80% less colic (measured by gas, spit-up and fussing). As the consumer is led by testimony and proven results with regard to anti colic, Tommee Tippee consulted 210 parents and the independent results  of which enable them to now claim an 80% success rate.


As compared to its closely competing brands Tommee Tippee has 2 key advantages. Firstly they can claim their teat has an accepted first time guarantee, following a trial with more than 1200 parents in which 92% stated that their child accepted it within the first 3 attempts. Secondly, given that it is an anti-colic bottle with parts, it has a comparatively low risk of leaking.

Tommee Tippee is strengthening the launch with a very bold brand campaign that really focuses on the nipple of its products in order to emphasis the point that their teats really are as close as possible to the real thing. The bottle heads are shaped like a breast and the teats have the natural flex and stretch of the breast because babies prefer it that way.

Further innovation in the category is reflected in the built-in heat sensing straw that gives a colour indication of the temperature of the liquid to aid optimal feeding. The range includes bottles in the 150ml triple pack, 260ml single and triple pack, a decorated twin and triple pack in block colour SKUs for girl and boy, as well as a starter kit and complete kit.  There is also a selection of additional teats in medium, fast and vari-flow.

It is worth noting that this brand is the UK’s No 1 Baby Feeding accessories brand. This is a significant fact and a great incentive to stock this well reputed name and taking advantage of the research, development, marketing and expertise their products offer consumers.

In addition, to this new range launch, we have also been able to increase the wholesale offering of Tommee Tippee toddler cups. The popular cups, are now available to purchase in single block colour as well as assorted colours, the former is ideal for online retailers given the easier stock management. In particular the mealtime trainer cup is now available in a choice of cute motifs including aeroplanes and helicopters for boys and bees and hearts for girls. 

In a similar way there is also an increased range in the weaning products from the most popular spoons to on the go weaning bowl sets. Many of the weaning lines within the Tommee Tippee range have also had a modern refresh, such as the weaning first spoons, heat sensing spoons and cool and mash bowl.

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