New Toy Company Flair Available Wholesale at Baby Brands Direct

With the recent notable changes within the toy industry we are excited to have an additional supplier on board – Flair. The company sits within the top 10 UK toy companies and is now owned by an Italian toy giant.  The new alliance brings with it brands including Plasticine, Cicciobello and gives us access to a fantastic range of toys in licenses including PJ Masks, and styling heads in Barbie and Disney.

Plasticine, was originally invented in the UK by an art sculpture teacher over 100 years ago who wanted something for his student that would not dry out whilst having the other malleable properties of traditional clay. The first colour the patented product was available in was grey for the students, and as its popularity grew and was marketed as a children’s toy product more colours were introduced. To date it has famously been used to create a garden at the Chelsea’s flower show and also in the Wallace and Gromit’s series. It is very well loved and safe for small hands from 3yrs, encouraging creativity and imagination.

At Baby Brands Direct we now wholesale a range of plasticine packs including the 24 colour max, FunTUBulous, Toolz and also playsets with instructions and card accessories on creative projects such as the Fairyland set. We also have an even softer version of Plasticine known as Softeez which is available in an assortment of animals that kids can create using the included instructions, softeez colours and plastic parts. Similarly, kids can also learn to create softeez PJ Masks vehicles!

Watch the clip here on an overview of plasticine:

Also now available are a range of Disney and Barbie styling heads under liscence via Flair. We have selected a variety of price points and styles for retailers to choose from.

Within the Disney selection, there is Princess Belle from Beauty and the Beast at an entry price point and the deluxe Rupunzel, who in addition to her beautiful locks, has nail, lip and eye shadow colour changing features!!

Watch the clip below to see the magic that kids can have and enhance their creativity and engagement.

Within the Barbie selection, there’s the gorgeous Dreamtopia styling head, with beautiful coloured locks and a pretty face, and at a slightly higher price point the ever popular Dreamtopia Unicorn. Surely every girl’s dream, this makes a stunning addition to any playroom and will have little ones busy for hours decorating their very own Unicorn. The luxury option in this range, Colour and Styling Deluxe Barbie Styling Head is really for the very creative and perhaps budding hairdressers as it includes 25 accessories including colour change hair chalk markers and has colour change nails and decorative nail stickers to further enhance the looks.

Interactive responsive toddler doll supplierLast but not least, from Italian parent company, the Ciccobello doll is available in the UK in the English language to trade. The doll is the ultimate in today’s dolls, being both interactive and responsive. It has 20 phrases that will prompt play and responses to both the included bottle and soother being placed in it mouth. It even gives kisses.

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