New Toys and Learning Books from Taf Toys!

Taf Toys is a modern company, providing developmental toys and products for babies that are designed to make parenting life easier. Founded in 1991, the company has grown to be loved by parents and babies across the globe, thanks to their stylish designs, calming colours and design ethos.

Taf Toys are dedicated to providing parents with toys that boost their child’s development and learning. They believe in creating toys that will fit with each developmental stage and ensure that kids are getting the stimulation they need from each item. They believe that focusing on these key stages help to make parenting life easier. 

The new range of toys, rattles and learning books from Taf Toys includes items from their Savannah Adventures and Koala Daydream collections. Savannah Adventures products such as the Savannah Play & Kick and Savannah Tummy Time Book include lovely yellows and greys and cute jungle animals – such as lions, zebras and giraffes.

The Taf Toys Savannah Play & Kick is a high-quality colourful travel toy that allows parents to keep their baby entertained on car journeys. The toy encourages children to kick and bat at the toy with their feet, promoting movement and the development of gross motor skills. The Taf Toys Savannah Tummy Time Book also helps to promote movement – as it encourages children to spend time on their tummy, helping them build up muscles in their necks and backs and helping them take the first steps towards crawling! 

The new Koala Daydream products feature the character of Kimmy Koala who is seen on other items in their existing range, perfect for retailers who wish to create a cohesive and extensive selection of products for their customers to enjoy. Parents will love that there is a wide range of coordinating products. This cute friendly koala has a smiley face and is coloured in soft greys with pastel pink cheeks – creating a lovely friendly character for baby to bond with, as children very often form close attachments to their soft toys. 

The Musical Koala from Taf Toys is a wonderful travel toy that is easy to attach to the car seat, pram or buggy by means of an extra large clip. The toy features 20 minutes of classical melodies alongside a shush sound, and a colourful changing light – all of which help sensory development. Babies can also control the toy themselves by pulling the cord, which teaches cause and effect as well as encouraging fine and gross motor skills. 

Also new in the Koala Daydream collection is the innovative Taf Toys All Around Me Activity Hoop! This exciting activity toy provides an alternative to traditional playmats and gyms. The round hoop circles baby when they are placed on the floor and entertains them with a host of age-appropriate toys and activities that encourage a variety of body positions as well as cognitive and motor skills development! The hoop includes rattles, teethers, plush koala toys and high contrast picture cards for baby’s visual development. 

More new items are available in the range at Baby Brands Direct, leading wholesaler of baby and nursery goods. Check out the new products page for more Taf Toys items, or head over to the brand page to see all the range.