NUK’s Nature Sense at Baby Brands Direct

The objective of most bottle brands is to manufacturer products that are as close as possible to nature i.e. Mum. Research is paramount in that understanding and converting that knowledge into producing a bottle and teat that deliver that.

Autumn 2017, has seen one of the world’s top bottle feeding brands develop their already successful line a step further. The detail of their teats has been further enhanced with tiny feed hole openings that mimic more closely the milk ducts of a mother’s nipple.

Their research carried out under a medical study found that on average breastfeeding mothers have an average of 7.6 active milk ducts, and found the number of active ducts increased with each additional baby, with a maximum observed of 16.

The NUK nature sense teats with its several tiny feed hole openings are modelled on the milk ducts of a mother’s breast and help to achieve an all-round familiar feeling when drinking and aid a smooth and natural flow.

The award winning NUK teat shape remains unchanged and unchallenged. Developed in the 1950s by two leading orthodontists it promotes oral developments and is approved by the Oral Health Foundation. The shape is also easier for baby to accept and hence makes it easier for mother and child to switch between breast and bottle feeding.

The new NUK teat also features an extra soft tip that is flexible and adapts itself to the mouth in a similar way to the nipple. It has a wide and flexible lip rest that gives a familiar feeling to Mother’s breast. It also features the NUK anti-colic vent which allows the liquid to flow constantly helping to prevent air being swallowed and reducing the risk of colic.

The different teats in the Sense range come with a different number of tiny opening for breast milk and other fluids, as appropriate to that of baby’s growing needs. The small teat has 3 feed holes and can be used for milk, water and infact formula, the medium teats has 6 feed holes designed for formula and large has 9 feed holes for thicker liquids. These options are available in 2 sizes, 0-6months is available in small and medium, and 6-18months in small, medium and large.

Working not only with the medical profession, NUK takes pride in testing its developments with real mothers.

The results indicate a huge success as follows:

  • 99% would recommend NUK Nature Sense
  • 98% confirm a more natural drinking experience with NUK Nature Sense
  • 92% of babies accepted the NUK Nature Sense Teat
  • Recommended by paediatricians and midwives
  • 96% confirm a liquid flow similar to a breast
  • 98% confirm the softness and a feeling almost like natural breastfeeding

The NUK range of products has a vast range of endorsements and accolades and is a well recognised and long established brand that continues to invest in developing its product range. Baby Brands Direct is a UK wholesaler of NUK baby products and supplies independent retailers with this staple and wholesome brand.