Oball NEW Arrival & WIN FREE Stock!

OBall is all about getting a ‘grip on playtime.’

Their toys are uniquely distinctive and identifiable in their appearance due to the finger hole dynamic material that make their product so easy to grip even for the smallest of hands. The concept came about in 2001 and soon the malleable material for the concept was patented and a wholesome toy product range developed from balls to cars.

The products are particularly sought after by parents creating a toy collection for kids not only for their easy to grip properties but also for the products very rich tactile sensory development properties. These toys provide an intriguing physical form through its flexible material that invites them to touch, manipulate and experience them and in doing so discover their own self-awareness.

The best seller within the range is the classic 4” ball offering 32 finger holes, an assortment of colours and suitable from birth this is a great core entry toy into the brand. It can be used to help motor skills, encourage crawling and for promoting self-awareness. Moving on from the variety of balls, there are some great vehicles to choose from in particular the rattle roll car has a completely Oball top and its wheels house coloured beaded rattles for auditory and visual stimulation.

The rattling rocket is another toy to which the Oball concept has been applied very well. Having the rocket sides made from the patented material and encasing within it a large ball of rattling multi coloured beads that create sounds as baby takes their toy off into orbit.

NEW in this April is the Oball O-Copter, yes cute as can be these little helicopters even have clicking propellers and a self-discovery mirror whilst being suitable from just 3months. They have their iconic easy grip frontage and house a large ball with colourful beads for further sensory stimulation. This is a must have retailer listing this season and comes in an assortment of 2 colours!

The popularity of the brand owned by US toy giant KidsII, has also led to investment in a water based toy range called H20. Although the items can of course be used outside of the bath, some of the features are specifically apt for bath time such as the floating ducks or cute little boats, ideal for enticing little ones to bath time and encouraging splashing about through cause and effect so easily achieved by being able to grip their toy.

The OBall range is popular in nursery environments too with the dynamic play material stimulating sensory awareness from birth right up to when it can be helpful in regulating stress. The materials allows for rhythmical kinaesthetic movements such as squeezing which can help give feelings of calm. These are all important experiences for a child to develop their emotional well-being and ability to regulate their own feelings.

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If not already stocking it, we would recommend that retailers try the Oball brand for the unique properties it offers within the toy industry alongside its reasonable prices achieved by being owned by such a large firm. Baby Brands Direct is the appointed UK distributor of the brand to independent retailers and as such offers the best wholesale trade prices, alongside volume price incentives and same day dispatch service.