Oball’s Oballs! A Best-Seller #WhyStockIt?

Oball SupplierHow and why might the simple Oball be a best-seller at Baby Brands Direct, with literally thousands of units a year of the ball being ordered?

Well as with most success stories, the concept is fairly simply, it’s a toy ball that even a newborn can grasp – and is safe for them to do so. It’s designed hollow inside, keeping it lightweight, has 32 finger holes that make it easy for baby to grip and with a 4” diameter they are able to retain their grasp.

In addition to this it is made from a flexible patented material that is smooth to touch and reacts to baby’s touch.  The ball encourages them to learn to pick things up from a younger age and critically because of the flexible material they are invited to touch, squeeze and experience the reaction of the toy to its movement. This of course develops understanding of cause and effect as well as maturing their tactile and sensory development which they can be safely introduced to at an earlier age.

As baby grows, the toy continues to be of interest as they develop their motor skills and can throw the toy, or parents can roll it and encourage baby to crawl after it. Often multiple balls are purchased to encourage further play opportunities and interaction.

Oball with Beads SupplierThe original ‘classic’ Oball is available in a choice of 3 colourways, each made in a rainbow of colours that adds further to the appeal of the product. They are easy wipe clean so ideal for various environments including playgroups and nurseries. The 4” ball is also available with 29 finger holes and 3 windows filled with multiple shaker beads that encourage baby to hold and shake to hear fun rattle sounds, whilst also aiding visual interest.Oball Supply

At an affordable SRP of £4.99, it’s a staple must have toy that’s multi-functional with rich tactile sensory development properties. It’s no wonder it’s the world’s most popular ball for baby.

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