Over 30 NEW VTech Baby & Toddler Toy arrivals at Baby Brands Direct

When it comes to baby toys, staying updated with the latest offerings is essential to meet the evolving needs of parents and kids. Baby Brands Direct, a leading distributor of baby, nursery and toy products to independent retailers, is constantly introducing new and innovative products to our inventory.

We are delighted to launch over 30 new lines from Vtech, a renowned brand known for its innovative and educational toys that makes fantastic use of technology to add unbeatable value to its toys. From Baby’s development toys to transformers, the brand has a great selection in multiple key toy categories.

Baby & Toddler Toys

Designed specifically for tummy time play, the VTech 4-in-1 Fawn is an interactive toy that provides an engaging and stimulating experience for babies as they strengthen their neck, back, and arm muscles. The soft and plush fawn character serves as a comfortable support for little ones, encouraging them to lift their head and engage in tummy time for longer periods. In addition to textures, patterns and colours, what sets this toy apart from other tummy time supports is the range of features it offers with it including hippo rattle, self-discovery fox mirror and electronic piano that introduces animals and plays piano notes, sounds, 4 sing-along songs and 15 melodies. As babies interact and are rewarded they are encouraged to spend more time with it.

The VTech 6-in-1 Playtime Tunnel is also not to be missed and not just for its beautiful rainbow colouring and obvious fun it provides in crawling through the tunnel. It also featuring a soft co-ordinating fabric arch with dangling self-discovery mirror and 5 animals: fabric tiger, crinkle fabric toucan, elephant rattle, easy-grasp handle koala with beads and roller ball hippo. Also included is a detachable piano with light up keys and playful beads as well as a Sloth to flip around the ‘tree’.

Also new for the run up to Christmas 2023 is the Animal Friends Boat – featuring interactive SmartZone, Snuggle Sounds Whale – with multiple textures and five rainbow piano keys that introduce numbers, ocean animals, 9 songs and 15 melodies! The VTech Twist & Play Cube is another must have with 6 interactive and engrossing sides of fun including a steering wheel to shape sorters. The Explore and Discover Roller supports physical development with rolling, pushing and moving the roller triggering fun sounds and 18 melodies. The large drum also plays different beats and sounds. There’s also the Pop & Play Activity Tree to stock that’s great for ball popping fun and learning numbers, colours and animals. The gorgeous Walk & Woof Puppy is not just for dog lovers, with interactive phrases with an introduction to basic letters, friendly phrases, where to go for and kids can press the body part button to hear about puppy’s ears, tail and emotions.

Our favourite 3 here at Baby Brands Direct, are the Chomp Along Dino, My Busy Workbench and Snuggle Pet. The former is a refresh of the tried and tested Dino, with 3 exciting modes explore: number, colour and food learning. The Workbench can be considered an activity table and/or role play toy with 3 smart tools and 61 play pieces. There are 3 modes it can be used in also to add to the development fun: Free play, Quiz mode and Music mode. Cute Kosy, is the Snuggle Pet that’s bound to be in high demand this season not least because she’ll repeat what you tell her. Kids can also press her paw to sing together (over 200 phrases, songs, melodies and sounds), or boop her nose for a kiss!

VTech Toot Toot Drivers

VTech Toot Toot Drivers is a captivating and interactive toy line that brings endless fun and learning opportunities to children of various ages. This innovative collection features a range of vehicles, playsets, and accessories that engage young minds and foster imaginative play. Each Toot Toot Driver vehicle is equipped with interactive buttons and sensors that trigger sounds, phrases, and music, making playtime even more exciting. The playsets feature various themes, such as a garage, airport, and train station, providing endless possibilities for creative storytelling. Additionally, Toot Toot Drivers incorporate educational elements, teaching children about numbers, colours, shapes, and more. This toy line not only entertains children but also encourages cognitive development, fine motor skills, and social interactions. With VTech Toot Toot Drivers, children can embark on thrilling adventures, create their own imaginative worlds, and engage in hours of play and learning. We are delighted to have expanded the collection at Baby Brands Direct to include the VTech Toot-Toot Drivers® Ambulance, Tow Truck, Sports Car and Dumper Truck, plus 2 additional playsets including the interactive VTech Toot-Toot Drivers® Fire Station and VTech Toot-Toot Drivers® Construction Set.

VTech Swich n Go

The VTech Switch & Go series is an innovative and interactive toy line that combines the excitement of vehicles with the fascination of dinosaurs. These transforming toys offer a unique play experience for children, allowing them to switch between vehicles and dinosaurs with a simple flip. With realistic sound effects, cool animations, and imaginative play features, the VTech Switch & Go toys bring the world of dinosaurs to life in a thrilling way. Kids can engage in creative storytelling as they explore different modes of play, whether it’s racing as a car or stomping around as a fierce T-Rex. The educational aspect of these toys is also worth noting, as they provide interesting facts about various dinosaurs and their characteristics, promoting learning while having fun. The VTech Switch & Go series is a fantastic choice for children who love both vehicles and dinosaurs, combining their interests and sparking endless imaginative adventures. Must have arrivals just into stock are the VTech Switch & Go Dinos® Dino Launcher 2-in-1, that converts a cool race car and separate launcher for it, into a mighty super car! While the VTech Switch & Go Dinos® Rescue Raiders 3-in-1, includes a police car, helicopter and fire engine that combine together in a few simple steps to become a truly mega Rescue-Rex with lively sound effects, fun phrases and dino eye and driver animations on the LCD screen.

Bluey Toys by VTech

Bluey is not just an ordinary animated TV show; it’s a heartwarming and delightful series that has captured the hearts of children and adults alike. This Australian children’s show tells the story of a lovable and adventurous six-year-old Blue Heeler puppy named Bluey and her family. Each episode is filled with imaginative play, valuable life lessons, and heartwarming moments that resonate with viewers of all ages. Bluey’s vibrant and colourful animation brings the characters and their world to life, captivating young audiences and sparking their creativity. The show’s writing is clever and witty, with humorous dialogue that both children and parents can appreciate. Beyond the entertainment factor, Bluey also emphasises the importance of family, kindness, resilience, and problem-solving, making it not only an enjoyable watch but also an educational one. Whether you’re a child laughing along with Bluey’s adventures or an adult reminiscing about the joys and challenges of parenthood, Bluey is a show that leaves you with a warm and fuzzy feeling and a newfound appreciation for the simple joys in life. The licence is a first at Baby Brands Direct, with the Vtech toy range offering the best of their toy technology through the VTech Shake It Bluey, VTech Bluey Game Time Laptop and the VTech Scooter Time Bluey.


VTech Kids Laptops

VTech educational laptops have become increasingly popular tools for children’s learning and development. These laptops offer a unique blend of entertainment and education, making them engaging and interactive for young minds. With features such as colourful screens, animated characters, and interactive games, VTech laptops captivate children’s attention while teaching them important skills in various subjects, including math, science, language, and problem-solving. The laptops often come with a range of pre-installed educational software and activities, allowing children to explore different concepts at their own pace. This combination of fun and educational content makes VTech laptops a fantastic tool for promoting early childhood learning and helping children develop essential skills in an enjoyable way. We have 11 Vtech laptops to choose from, including the latest edition – the VTech Genio MAX My First Laptop that includes a real optical mouse, QWERTY keyboard and Wi-Fi connectivity with a pre-loaded web browser.

Bath Toys Like No Other

VTech bath toys are a must-have for any child’s bath time routine. These innovative and interactive toys not only make bath time fun, but also provide educational value. With colourful designs and engaging features, VTech bath toys capture the attention of even the most reluctant bathers. From floating animals with buttons that play music and teach numbers, letters, and colours to integrated bubble makers, VTech offers a wide range of options to keep children entertained while they get clean. These toys are designed with safety in mind, ensuring they are water-resistant and durable. They also help to develop important skills, such as hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, as children manipulate the squirters, stack the boats, pour the water and press the buttons as they interact with the toys in the water. With VTech bath toys, bath time becomes a joyful and educational experience for both children and parents alike. The A/W 2023 arrivals include the VTech Stack & Splash Bathtime Boats, VTech 6-in-1 Bath Set, VTech Splashing Fun Otter, VTech Float & Splash Flamingo and VTech Bubble Time Turtle.

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