Paddington to Collaborate with Pizza Express for the DVD release

It may seem an unlikely promotional duo, but Paddington & Pizza Express seem to work in glorious harmony.

Kids marketing agency Whipper Snapper have put their heads together to create something unpredictable to mark the DVD, Download and BluRay release of the BAFTA nominated Paddington on March 23rd.

A wise move on both Studio Canal and Whipper Snapper parts; what more of a perfect way to appeal to their key demographic than through a restaurant chain who pride themselves on family dining?

“We keep kids entertained, using the latest TV and movie characters, so grown-ups can relax. The partnership between Pizza Express and Paddington is a great example of our approach and how the right partnership delivers measurable results for both parties.” 

Pizza Express brand director, Olivia Hendrick commented further, “the fit with Paddington is perfect, we’re known for our great children’s offering and Paddington is an amazing movie that our family visitors of all ages will love.”

This promotion can see children across the UK playing with Paddington puzzles and colouring in packs at Pizza Express tables, falling for the classic character and ending in a purchase of the Paddington DVD. Boom sales are on their way perhaps?

Kristin Ryan of StudioCanal said: “We are delighted to be working with Pizza Express to drive awareness of the DVD release of Paddington.

“It’s known for being extremely family friendly with the right brand profile for Paddington, and has an enormous family reach.”

Keep your eyes peeled for heightened Paddington sales in and around the run up to his DVD release on March 23rd

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