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The launch of the Philips Avent Natural 2.0 has created a buzz in the industry and we are delighted to have transitioned our stock over to it. This latest update of the product is its improved teat with improved flow rates, a spiral design ‘indentation’ on the nipple part and refined material for ultra softness. The visible spiral markings not only aesthetically give it a unique and distinct look but also functionality of further flexibility within the teat. The well developed and recognised Natural teat is still favoured with all its existing qualities including the comfort petals that surround the base of the wide rim teat for flexibility and its anti-colic valve that together provide comfort and a more natural feeding experience. The new and previous version of the natural teat are both compatible with all the natural bottles which remain unchanged.

Philips Avent Natural Teats 2.0 Supplier

The new release also coincidences with more flow options of the teats for a more tailored approached to each stage of development (as shown above). The new spiral enhanced teat is available in first flow, 0m+, 1m+ and 3m+, whilst the 6m+ and thicker feed teats for 3m+ and 6m+ are available in a rib sides design which has proven anti-collapse qualities and is bite resistant for stronger mouths. In addition, the latter teat tip is designed for a more natural tongue movement and shaped for optimal combination with breast feeding.

As far as we can observe the actual product name remains the same, i.e. Philips Avent Natural, however the images and description on the packaging has been updated to highlight the additional teat features.

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