Playmobil THE MOVIE! Movie Figures and Playsets in Stock Now

The German toy manufacturer brings its Playmobil figure dolls to life in its very own first movie releasing this week across Europe! The $75mn film has a glittering star cast including Playmobil toy fan – Daniel Radcliffe.Playmobil The Movie Merchandise

The movie’s plot centres around heroine Marla who embarks on a journey through the animated universe of Playmobil determined to find her younger brother Charlie who has disappeared. Her adventure takes her through many different wonderful worlds and encounters with various characters including smooth talking truck driver Del, dashing and charismatic secret agent Rex Dasher, a wholehearted misfit Robot, an extravagant fairy Godmother and many more.

Playmobil The Movie Del's Toy Truck SupplierPlaymobil Movie Toys supplierThe movie playmobil characters are available to collectible as figure toys with series 1 available now at Baby Brands Direct. Each figure pack also comes with a movie character sticker! The Playmobil movie toys also include Del’s iconic red food truck which comes with Marla and Del. The truck has a removable roof for easy access to the inside of the truck and is fully furnished for optimal creative play. These 2 characters are also available together in a playset with Pegasus (the horse that has pink wings enabling it to fly!). This lower price point set (£19.99) has space for both characters to sit on the horse and fly off fpr further adventures.


Playmobil Porsche Toy SupplierDaniel Radcliffe voices Rex Dasher, the secret agent and Marla’s love interest! He’s available in the figure packs as well as 2 Playmobil sets. The first is the in the Porsche Mission E and the second with Parachute, both times dressed smartly in his tuxedo. The former, electric Porsche, features LED headlights and remote control action and can seat 2 Playmobil figures (SRP £69.99). The latter, is an entry price point to the movie merchandise toys (SRP £9.99), which kids can throw up in the air and watch as the parachute fills and Rex comes down.

The Playmobil Robotitron Toy SupplierWholesale supplies are also available to retailers of the Playmobil The Movie Marla with Horse and The Movie Robotitron with Drone. The former is made in the iconic style of the brand with a stunning horse, saddled up with a multitude of small accessories and Marla who can sit on the horse and trot away on her exploration. The latter is a loyal robot to Marla and does everything he can to help her find her Brother and uses his practical drone to take them to safety. The toy drone ensures working projectiles and spinning propellers for undivided attention at an affordable SRP of £14.99.

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