Product Recall – Janod Confetti Music Live Musical Set

Important announcement – Janod have advised that there is a product recall for item JND-TOY31 – Janod Confetti Music Live Musical Set, due to a ‘potential risk caused by aspiration of small parts of the trumpet’. 

If you have ordered this product, the process to follow, as advised by Janod, is outlined below:

For products already sold to end consumers:

  • Please place a poster in store to communicate the recall to the end consumer
  • Once you receive any returned product, you need to fill out the certificate of destruction attached and return it to Janod at the email address provided. Upon receipt of this document Janod will then issue you with a credit based on the selling price.

For products not sold to the end consumer:

  • Please send a certificate of destruction, as above, and Janod will issue a credit based on the selling price.

The poster with information of the recall can be found here.

To those affected by this recall, we at Baby Brands Direct apologise for the inconvenience. However, it is important to protect children from any risks. The certificate of destruction can be found here with details of where to send it for reimbursement.