Super Shimmer and Shine Supply

The beautiful colours and decorations seen in the Shimmer and Shine T.V. shows are surely a significant credit to the success of the dreamy licence. Teaming up with the biggest toy manufacturer in the world, Mattel it has produced an unbeatable range of toys spanning from lucrative collectables to interactive toddler dolls.


New additions to the portfolio for this year to definitely list, are the pony unicorns (otherwise known as Zahracorns) named Zahora and Zoomdust, that feature in the special show episodes where they fly to Zahramay Skies. Shine is seen with Zoomdust, and Shimmer with Zahora, expected in stock early September these 2 sets are items to put forward orders in for (use quick order screen or add from cart screen to add out of stock items). Each set has a SRP off £45, but dreams will come true, with the Zahracorn’s flapping their wings, playing over 35 songs, sounds and phrases and even giving their genie a sweet nuzzle and kiss!

The magical unicorn like companion also appears within the collectable segment, as a set with a teenie genie and play accessory! Given the popularity so far of the miniatures it is a safe conclusion that these will also be very popular online as well as in the playground.

Lastly but certainly not least to be added to the wholesale range of Shimmer and Shine toys, are the toddler Dance dolls, which are sold per character; Shimmer and Shine, and move, sing and talk and can interact with additional dolls. Kids can sway the dolls from side to side to see her dance to the music with the tempo of both affected by the speed at which the dolls are moved. Put 2 together and they will sing a duet! This is a fantastic way to increase sales and encourage children to play together and share their toys.


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