Shimmer and Shine at Baby Brands Direct!

From cruising on her scooter to flying on her carpet these dolls are being brought to life by kids in style. The latest releases from Mattel of toys from the super hit TV series Shimmer and Shine are now in stock as part of the wholesale portfolio at Baby Brands Direct.

We love the fabulous scooter that carries Zeta, a character from the show who manages to steal the twin’s gems! This is also the first time this character and her pet Dragon, Nazboo have been available through us from this series’ toy range – so a real must have item.

The girls now have a new carpet toy whereby they can press the genies hand together to put them into a cross legged position – ready to ride into the sky. Kids can then clip the dolls to their carpet ready for take-off! These toys stimulate kids imaginations and encourages them to make up their own adventures and to enhance creativity the carpets can also be decorated with the genie jewels.  

The Gem Cruiser is a larger item with an SRP of £22.99, making for an extra special gift. It is compatible with the Teenie Genie range of toys and offers lots of places to house the toys in its activity packed 3 floors. It also comes with a working elevator and when using the included character Imma, kids can enjoy the magic of her rainbow colours!

Enjoy the charm and sparkle of these little take along play sets in store, where little ones can hide their gems as well as play with the included teenie genies on the 4 fun features it offers. The ring included can be worn for magical dress up and the play set with its gorgeous design carry handle allows little ones to take them with them on their adventures.

These large 24cm ‘Rainbow’ dolls available in both Shimmer and Shine are more than just dolls to go on adventures with and cuddle. They are interactive, offering 30 + songs and phrases for continued engagement and prompting of play. They also have a ‘magical’ fun function, which is that kids can twist the dolls hairband to see the doll’s skirt twirl and transform into a rainbow coloured gown! This is surely a retailer must have line (SRP £34.99).

All these popular Shimmer and Shine toys manufactured by Mattel are available through Baby Brands Direct at trade price with additional volume discounts and loyalty credit savings.