Stimulating Play: Janod Confetti Musical Toys

Children love to make noise! At an early age, we learn through the world around us – and sound is one of the key components of that learning. Kids love to bang, shake and blow to create interesting noises, finding it a wonderful way to express themselves when their verbal skills are undeveloped. Musical toys are therefore a great outlet for a child’s energy and creative flair! As well as being lots of fun, musical toys can be a great way to stimulate a young child’s senses and help them develop their motor skills, recognition of cause and effect and communication skills. Since they’re so beneficial, experts recommend that parents introduce musical toys to their baby right from birth!

So what are the benefits of musical toys? Well these toys help to develop a number of skills and help aid learning and growth. Playing with musical toys can help stimulate a baby’s senses, including vision, touch, and sound. Exposing children to a variety of different pitches and rhythms can help to boost their sensory development, while they will have to use their eyes and hands to manipulate the instruments and figure out what actions create what sounds. Repetition of actions such as banging or shaking helps build the connections in their brain and they will soon grow to recognise a range of sounds. Exposing children to different rhythms and pitches can help develop listening skills. The rhythm of music is also similar to language, so singing along to songs and rhymes can help children learn to speak too.

Playing with musical toys in ways that require big movements helps to strengthen children’s arm muscles and coordination – thus helping to improve their gross motor skills. In addition, actions such as holding a beater or shaking a rattle helps to improve a baby’s fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Blowing into whistles and trumpets can help improve control over mouth and tongue muscles, aiding speech later on! 

Baby Brands Direct, an award-winning wholesaler of baby and nursery products, offer a variety of musical toys – including the Confetti instrument range from French brand, Janod. We’re offering a massive 20% off selected Janod toys until 31st December 2023, so this is a great opportunity to stock up on these fantastic, colourful musical toys! Janod is an exciting, celebrated brand, whose products are predominately made from natural sources such as wood and cardboard – offering a stylish and timeless alternative to plastic toys that are designed to last for years to come. The Janod Confetti range is comprised of the Janod Confetti Drum Kit, Harmonica, Flute and Tambourine, so there’s plenty of opportunity for little ones to practice their shaking, banging and blowing skills! Each instrument is designed with colourful polka dot patterns painted with water based paint – which is sustainable and perfectly safe for young children.

The range is perfect for children aged 2 years and up – and as well as being great stock for children’s toy stores, these instruments are fantastic purchases for preschool and nursery classrooms. Children can enjoy making music by themselves, or learn about music together with their friends! Janod’s Confetti range is the perfect choice for parents and teachers looking to introduce more advanced musical instruments to their little ones. Shop the Janod range at Baby Brands Direct for competitive wholesale prices and exclusive perks and discounts.