Supply of Mr Tumble and In The Night Garden Toys Added Wholesale

Mr Tumble is new at Baby Brands Direct with the character boasting a huge fan base of toddlers and pre-schoolers gained through its popular TV shows that both educates and entertains. The live action shows first went live in 2012 and have steadily grown making the character into a licence. Golden Bear, leaders in both toy and plush manufacture with a strong ability for marketing, have the licence for Mr Tumble and offer 2 musical dolls targeting retails of £19.99 and at the luxury end £34.99. Mr Tumble domino trainThe ideally priced Mr Tumble nursery rhymes, play 5 popular tunes including Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, while the top end plush toy offers sing along to Mr Tumble’s icon ‘Hello Hello Song’ and waves his arms and moves his feet!

Increasingly iconic from the Mr Tumble range is the Domino Train that has been heavily T.V. advertised in August and October fuelling demand for this incredible toy. The train is designed to move itself along and as it does so lay out the 35 included dominoes perfectly spaced so kids can enjoy knocking them down. The colourful, playful train also has a light up nose. At the same retail of £39.99 there is also a car that has music, phrases and songs from the shows,  light up nose, a Mr Tumble chunky plastic figure toy that sits in the car’s driver seat and moving wheels. Both are ideally suited for 3years plus.

Light up toy bathtime boat supplierThere are also new toys to range from within the In the Night Garden series. The long awaited Igglepiggle’s lightshow bathtime boat offers an in bath multi-coloured lights display – surely this will have bathtime doubters convinced! It also has floating shape sorting blocks to delight and pouring cups. Retailers may also be excited about the Igglepiggle glowing plush toy due to its relevance to the show’s focus on bedtime routine and the toy being a potential aid to it. Kids just need to press his hand for soft reassuring glowing cheeks and soothing lullabies as it head sways. With the series being within the top 6 preschool toy properties, it has becomes part of the bedtime ritual for many preschoolers aided by its continued bedtime slot on Cbeebies.

The enchanting and captivating world of fascinating stories, nursery rhymes, music and humour in the children’s show takes children on an imaginative journey of discovery and understanding. Hence additional toys in the range including the chunky character toy figures are a great way to make the most of this and allow them to create their own stories. Supply of the fun, entry price point ‘press and go’ vehicles are another great toy, being colourful, engaging and teaching about cause and effect.

Retailers can obtain wholesale supply of a range of Golden Bear toys including In the Night Garden and Mr Tumble from leading toys distributor Baby Brands Direct. Trade accounts only can log in and purchase in single units, mix and match amongst 80 leading brands and take advantage of a quick dispatch, full account autonomy, resource centre, loyalty credit and more!