Taf Toys Trade Additions

The Autumn Winter 2018 additions to the Taf Toys collection are now in stock at Baby Brands Direct and include a gym, a playmat, a soother, 2 toys, 2 car activity toys and a modern car travel accessory.

The musical newborn nest activity gym is not to be missed featuring an innovative drawstring feature around its edge which when tightened creates a beautiful cosy nest for baby. Releasing it opens the playmat out leaving just a slightly raised border. The gym is advertised as 4 in 1 as it also has moveable and detachable arches, provides tummy time opportunity on the cushioned nest sides and also includes a musical toy (in addition to mirror, rattle and teether toys).

The North Pole Season’s mat offers simple yet clever functionality by allowing parents to fold up the outer section of the sides of the mat to create a cosy environment. Its beautifully illustrated mat offers 2 opportunities for hide n’ seek and also includes 2 toys – a mirror and rattle toy.

A new crib soother within the Penguin styling offers sound sensing technology to activate a glowing night light and soothing sounds including water stream, shushing and rain. The Taf Toys soother can also be activated via the pull cord or by pressing the tummy, and in addition it has a play mode for daytime take along with 3 melodies.

New toys include ‘Prince the Penguin’ and the ‘laptoy activity centre’, the former is 20cm and offer chime bell sounds, teether and shiny textured fabrics to explore. The latter offer 12 activities, lights and music, and full portability from crib side to by her side. The range of activities ensures creativity and encourages imaginative play.

When it comes to travel toys, the Taf Toys wholesale collection at Baby Brands Direct is the most extensive and popular and for A/W 2018 we have 2 additions. The novel feature of the Penguin kick and play is the remote control it comes with that allow parents to easily turn off and on the music and lights, and also switch between playtime and soothing mode. Whilst the North Pole Feet Fun has a high contrast black and white foot stimulation pad with rolling beads to encourage little ones to reach out and move their legs.

The product we are most excited to now have available to trade is the Taf Toys 3 in 1 Car Mirror. While it offers parents easy view of their child through the mirror, it also offers a slot to place a tablet in lieu of the mirror to keep baby engaged with their favourite shows whilst on the go. In addition to this, it has a detachable seat protector that can be washed. It’s worth noting that a recent study found by Parents Insights, that almost two thirds of children under the age of two are allowed to use tablets, and a third can open apps and turn the device on themselves.

In addition, Parents Insights’ lead analyst Nick Richardson said: “Our latest data reveals a fascinating picture about how toddlers and babies as young as six months are interacting with technology. It seems that tablets are the first device that parents are happy for their little ones to use but their attitudes to social media are much less liberal.” When children are allowed on a tablet, the main activities they choose are games (24 per cent), YouTube (18 per cent) and Apps (12 per cent), and the same activities are popular for smartphones.

Hence, we really would certainly recommend the travel accessory as a must have practical item for travel in the car, with longevity of use particularly aligned with modern day trends of increasing tablet use. 

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