NEW Taf Toys Available Wholesale Now!

Baby Brands Direct believes that this is a brand that really understands the 3 key factors in developing loved products for the baby and nursery industry; baby, parent and the item. The baby’s needs and stages of development are explored as well as how the product is viewed by them and their potential engagement with it. The brand also thinks about the parents need for practical application, value for money, providing a solution to potential problems or areas of baby’s anxiety. These are both combined into the product itself within the categories of sleep, learning, travel and outdoors.

The multi-award winning brand has a range of activity mats and gyms manufactured to the highest quality standards and attention to detail with linkable toys and mirrors as standard. The range offers options including the I Love Big Mat, providing extra space for exploration or room for twins and family, the musical nature gym that has a detachable musical toy, the garden tummy time gym that comes with a tummy time support pillow and toys that can be put into a free movement or fixed position and the seaside gym that offers a combination of large playmat with removable activity arches.

View the Seaside Activity Gym product demo below:

Also available in this range is a development pillow in the same family of colours and is ergonomically designed in order to support baby’s chest whilst keeping free movement of arms.

The nursery brand is also well known for its mobiles, offering so much choice of functionality and providing retailers with a range of price points. The luxury option is the Taf Toys MP3 Stereo Owl mobile, with a SRP of £69.99 and has a child safe detachable MP3 player – ideal for parents to load their own choice of music for baby in the cot and as a take along musical unit later on. Learn more here:



Baby Brands Direct also offer retailers their garden mobile that offers 30minutes of music with volume control, an activity arch with sound and light activation from baby’s movement and also a spiral toy that attaches easily to prams and more and comes with a practical strawberry looking soother holder for when out and about.

The activity toy range is a great example of the product longevity of use. Products such as the award winning development walker offer 4 modes of use: walker, toy box, ride on and pull along. Similarly the musical boat owl toy, starts as a cot soother with light project and music, and can also be used as an engaging activity toy with its moving boat and this part can later be detached to used on the floor to encourage crawling after it.

The cot play centre that offers music, lights, peek a boo, mirrors and toys, can be used from birth and right up to beyond 9months plus when it becomes a take along activity book. There are also other beautifully produced staple items such as the Cheeky Chick rattle and the two in one Crawl n Stack toy with premium clear ring filled with coloured beads. 

When its time for car travel Taf Toys are the most appealing brand solution, with toys that engage and keep baby busy so parents can relax and concentrate on driving.  They offer 2 solutions, one for rear and one for forward facing car seats. The play and kick offers music and lights whereas the car toy with its pretend steering wheel let’s baby imitate parent and enjoy the honking sounds and musical buttons. Watch the short product demo on its easy set up and features below:

 Also for when out and about, the Taf Toys Outdoor play mat opens up to 140cm by 115cm and is ideal for time in the garden or park with its water resistant base and easy foldup into a portable unit with handle. There is also a sun shade for prams that is 97% UV proof at 50+ and when not in use looks like a pretty watermelon hanging from the pram with 2 dangling toys to engage baby.

Autumn/Winter 2017 and 2018 has seen and will continue to welcome new products in a complete palette update for Taf Toys introducing soft pastel hues and a new range of enchanting characters. As a wholesaler offering leading baby and nursery brands; Taf Toys is a staple addition to the portfolio. Log in for trade price, same day dispatch, loyalty credit and more!