The 2017 #DadsWhoPlayBarbie Campaign | Barbie’s Birthday!

BarbieBdayBlogLink 150x150 The 2017 #DadsWhoPlayBarbie Campaign | Barbies Birthday!Looking as young as ever it is actually Barbie’s 58th Birthday today! The world-wide recognised doll, manufactured by the number one Toy Firm in the world, Mattel has reportedly to date sold over a billion units of this iconic doll.

Over the years we have seen many wonderful changes as Barbie adapts to current fashions and social changes, which has rightly earned her status as a cultural icon within the toy world. Through this progression we have seen the introduction of a variety of dolls in different ethnicities, including 7 additional skin tones and even including native dressing, such as an Indian doll wearing a sari. The brand today is sold in approximately 150 countries and it is fantastic that the global giant has tailored dolls to local markets.

In more recent years the ‘You Can Be Anything’ campaign has focused on careers and encouraging girls to be anything they want to be including vets, pilots, chefs, dancers, artists, singers to footballers. Watch the video clip below that was developed as part of this initiative called, ‘Imagine the Possibilities’ and generated close to 25million views on YouTube alone!


In January 2017 Mattel carried out a survey and found that ‘two-thirds of Dad’s believe that joining their daughters’ playtime helps to build her self-confidence’. So for 2017, the latest and first of its kind, is Mattel’s theme #dadswhoplaybarbie, with the aim of engaging Dad’s to participate in play with their child. The key tag line is, “Time Spent in Her Imaginary World Is an Investment in Her Real World,” which Mattel says, “[highlights] that a dad’s involvement in his daughter’s imaginary play contributes to her social, intellectual and emotional development in real life.”

The campaign is being rolled out through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and various news channels and is backed by Dr. Linda Nielsen, professor of educational and adolescent psychology at Wake Forest University, who explains: “decades of research shows that girls who have loving, communicative, supportive relationships with their dads from early childhood on are less likely to suffer from a lack of self-confidence and self-reliance as she grows up.”

Take 90secs to watch the NEW campaign ‘Dad’s Who Play Barbie’ below. Here at Baby Brands Direct we think it is both heart warming and humourous, and definitely a campaign that will resonate with parents and encourage natural role play and strengthen relations and confidence.


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