The ABCs of Anti-Colic Bottles with Dr Brown’s Options+

Baby Brands Direct are pleased to offer our retailers the high quality, top of the range Options+ bottles from Dr Brown’s. World-renowned for its patented anti-colic feeding bottles, Dr Brown’s was founded in 1996 and is now the third biggest UK baby bottle brand

Colic is a problem many parents are familiar with and it can cause a lot of stress for both parents and their little one. When babies traditionally feed from bottles, they suck liquid from the bottle through the teat. As the liquid leaves the bottle, air enters in through the vent into the baby’s mouth and stomach. Ingested air can result in trapped wind, discomfort and pain, which can cause crying and sleepless nights. This is known as colic, a condition that affects 1 in 5 babies in the UK and can lead to problems such as lack of sleep for the whole family, depression and terrible discomfort for little ones. This is a problem that parents are keen to solve, often before it even has a chance to become an issue. 

That is where Dr Brown’s Options+ bottles can help. These unique bottles feature a patented internal vent, which is connected to a reservoir inside the bottle. This allows the air to enter the vent and directs it to the area above the liquid, keeping the air and the liquid separate. Because there is no vacuum to inhibit the flow of liquid, babies can feed at their own pace without ingesting unwanted air. This means their tummy is not full of air, reducing trapped wind and the subsequent discomfort and pain.

The Dr Brown’s Options+ bottle is the first convertible bottle that can be used with or without the green vent system. As baby grows and their feeding habits change and become more refined, the bottle can be used without the green vent system to work more like a conventional, teat-vented bottle. However, as it is still designed with colic reduction in mind, the scalloped designed teat allows air to vent through the bottle, rather than ending up in baby’s delicate tummy. 

These innovative bottles are available in a wide range of sizes and pack quantities, allowing retailers to provide their customers with a full selection of Dr Brown’s bottles to choose from. There are also gift sets including the Dr Brown’s Options+ Newborn Gift Set, which includes everything new parents need to ensure their little one has a stress free feed.  9 out of 10 healthcare professionals recommend Dr Browns for the relief of wind related colic, so be sure to check out the full range, available to buy wholesale at Baby Brands Direct.