The #ABCs of Baby Showers

Baby showers are a fun way to celebrate the pregnancy and upcoming birth of a new baby, with the mum-to-be’s close female friends and family members rallying round her to provide support and gifts to help her in the first steps to motherhood. Baby showers are a traditionally American celebration – however, they have grown in popularity in the UK thanks to reality TV shows and celebrity culture.

Gift company, Carte Blanche, conducted a poll, in which 3000 mums took part, discussing their reasons for holding baby showers. 52% revealed that they wanted to gain advice and support from those attending, while others just wanted to have their loved ones around them to celebrate and have fun. 4 out of 10 admitted that the main reason they wanted to host a baby shower was the gifts the loved ones would bring – with a majority of the participants admitting they expected to receive gifts with a total value of over £150! Many mums view this as an opportunity to stock up on baby essentials, which can quickly become costly. So, while teddies, blankets and toys are a lovely offering, some mums prefer the basics like bottles and soothers which they’ll use every day. 

A survey conducted by American Express in 2019 showed that 73% of parents now host pre-birth celebrations, including baby showers and gender reveal parties, with attendees spending on average £61 each on gifts. Therefore, it’s a great market for independent retailers to capitalise on, especially since buying presents for a new baby is exciting and many people get carried away with it! Baby Brands Direct has a huge range of products in various categories, available to buy wholesale – so we’re the one stop shop for all your baby shower appropriate gifts. 

Bottle starter and feeding sets are a great option for new parents, as they include everything parents need to ensure their little ones are fed, as well as essential accessories to make parenting easier. The Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Complete Feeding Set is a great example of a comprehensive set that features a huge range of items – including bottles, bottle warmer and electric steriliser – giving new mums enough bottles to keep baby fed and two pieces of essential electrical kit to make life easier. This set is on the pricier side, so may be more suitable for mum’s family members to give rather than friends. However, we have a variety of cheaper and simpler options, such as the MAM Feed and Soothe Set, which includes soothers – or Dr Browns Options+ Newborn Gift Set, which has a bottle brush and microwave steriliser.

Breast pumps are also a great idea of gift for a new mum, as it can be challenging to breast feed at times. From issues expressing to baby not being able to latch on, there can be many issues that arise. Having a breast pump allows mums to feed their baby breast milk when convenient and in a way that works well for them. Lansinoh’s SmartPump 2.0 is a quiet pump that has hospital strength suction levels and connects to Lansinoh’s Baby 2.0 app so mum can monitor her feeds. Medela also have a selection of lightweight and streamlined pump options, including the Medela Freestyle Double Electric Flex Breastpump, which fits into mum’s palm easily so she can take it on the go! 

Traditional gifts are always popular – with keepsake boxes, photo albums and journals being a great way to collect memories of baby’s early years from birth. Baby Brands Direct have a great selection of gifts from Widdop Bingham, many of which feature Disney characters that parents know and love. Their Disney Magical Beginnings Paperwrap Keepsake Box featuring Dumbo is the perfect unisex gift for parents who don’t wish to find out the sex of their baby. This cute keepsake box features six drawers entitled: first scan, hospital bracelet, first shoes, socks and mittens, special treasures and precious things. They also have options for girls and boys featuring Minnie and Mickey Mouse. 

Baby Brands Direct also stock casting kits from Baby Art and Bambino, which allow parents to create castings of their little one’s hands and feet. These unique gifts give parents the chance to make their own custom piece of art, which can be presented in the house as a lovely reminder of their baby’s first year. Baby Art’s My Very First Year Print Wooden Frame is a great option as it features spaces for 12 pictures so mum and dad can record their little one’s growth, as well as space for a casting of their little hand or foot below the images. The neutral wooden design means it will fit into any home. With the Baby Art My Lovely Belly Kit, mums can turn their baby bump into a real work of art and easily create a unique souvenir of their pregnancy – a lovely alternative to castings of hands and feet that puts the emphasis on mum’s great achievement. 

Baby Brands Direct also have a great selection of teddies, blankets and baby hamper accessories for retailers who wish to make up their own hampers. These are also wonderful options for giving parents something special and personalised to them and their needs. Check out our website to view all our products, available to buy wholesale now!