The #ABCs of Baby’s Bath Time Essentials

Bath time is an important time of the day for parents of young children, especially babies, and should be a regular part of the family’s routine. As a baby can’t take care of themselves, the responsibility of their health and hygiene is placed firmly in their parents’ hands. As they spend much of their time in nappies and lying on various surfaces, babies need regular baths to clean their skin and hair to ensure their sensitive areas are kept clean and remove excess oil from the hair. Bath time also allows parents to dry any excess moisture between the baby’s skin folds, reducing risk of irritation and rashes. The NHS recommends that parents should bathe their baby at least 2 to 3 times a week, while washing them with a cloth and soap on the other days of the week.

As well as ensuring baby is clean and comfortable, bath time offers a range of benefits that may not be immediately obvious! Taking time out of each day to care for a baby is a great way to build up trust and love with them and have some one-on-one bonding time. The act of bathing is also a sensory one for young children. They will enjoy feeling the warmth of the water, as well as hearing the splashing and seeing the movements and ripples of the water. This is great for their development and learning. Bath time is also a relaxing end to the day and a chance to calm down and regulate emotions after a busy day, so just before bed is the perfect time for mums and dads to bathe their little one.

Of course, babies are fragile and are unable to support themselves in the bath – so they must not be left unattended under any circumstances. Small children can also be slippery when wet, so it’s essential that mums and dads take utmost care when washing their child in the bath. There are many products on the market that are designed to make bathing baby easy, straightforward and safe. As a leading baby and nursery wholesaler, Baby Brands Direct offers retailers a fantastic selection of high quality branded bath products, available to buy wholesale.

Baby baths are a great option for parents concerned about both their child’s safety and conserving water. These smaller tubs can easily fit inside the larger bath tub – creating a smaller space for baby to fit into, so that they are snug and secure with less room to slip and slide. Using a baby bath tub also means that parents are able to use less water to keep their child warm while bathing. These are great for families that only have access to a shower, as the tub can easily be filled for their convenience. Better yet, as they are small and compact, they are portable – meaning that they can be taken along while visiting family and friends. Our range includes products from Infantino, BOON and Vital Baby.


Bath supports and seats provide extra support and security while bathing small children. It can be difficult to support children in the bath while also washing them – especially as they are often unable to support themselves in the early months. This can lead to accidents and potentially result in death as children can easily drown in bath water. Bath supports and bath seats are therefore essential pieces of kit. These handy seats cocoon children in a safe and sturdy structure that keeps them out of the water. With their slip proof materials, children will not slide around. Baby Brands Direct have a fantastic array of makes and models, in a range of different styles – from leading brands like Angelcare, Kikka Boo and Summer Infant.

Bath mats are also a great way to increase security and reduce the risk of slipping in the bath. These handy mats stick to the tub and provide a grippy texture for children to stand on safely. Our mats include secure suction pads or effective adhesive technology that ensure they will stay stuck while needed. These mats can of course be easily removed when parents are finished with them. Our range of bath mats come in a variety of animal themed designs and include products from brands such as Dreambaby, Bebeconfort and Infantino.

We also stock other bath time essentials such as baby toiletries, hooded towels and baby grooming accessories – as well as a fantastic selection of baby bath time toys that are sure to delight and inspire children during their bath. Baby Brands Direct is the one stop shop for everything retailers need to create a cohesive and extensive bath time range. Our products are available to buy wholesale with a registered account, so sign up today to take advantage of our catalogue.