The #ABCs of Breast Pumps

Breast pumps are handy pieces of kit that serve to make life easier for parents – in particular; busy mums, or dads who want to get involved in feeding time. Breast pumps allow mums more versatility and flexibility, while still ensuring baby gets the full benefits of nutritious breast milk. Pumps let mums express milk when it feels right, rather than having to try and align baby’s feeding habits to milk production. As well as offering more flexibility, breast pumps are also helpful when babies are unable to latch on to the breast and have to use bottles, as mums will still be able to give them breast milk rather than formula. 

Leading wholesaler, Baby Brands Direct specialises in breast pumps, bottles and other baby feeding equipment. With decades of experience within the industry, we know how important it is that retailers offer their customers a wide range of products to suit all needs and price points. Breast pumps are in high demand – but there are many different types of pump and the choice can be overwhelming. Our range of award-winning breast pumps includes models from top baby brands. Types of pump available include manual and electric breast pumps, twin and single breast pumps, as well as compact pumps for on the go.

Manual breast pumps may be simple, but they are perfect for travel and easy expressing, as they are compact with simple designs and mums don’t need to worry about settings or electricity. She can simply pop it on and begin expressing. These pumps are also at the cheaper end of the range, as they don’t have the additional features and technology that other, more advanced pumps may have, so they are great for those who are on a budget. The Tommee Tippee Manual Breast Pump features a sleek, ergonomic design that is easy to hold and a gentle silicone cup that is soft and comfortable against mum’s sensitive breast. The Lansinoh Silicone Breast Pump is designed to collect every drop of milk and features a hands-free system, so mum doesn’t have to squeeze a handle to pump. This clever product fits securely onto the breast, creating a natural suction so it does all the work for mum! As it is less strenuous than other pumps, mum can express from one breast while baby feeds from the other!

For those seeking a bit more power in their pump, or those on a higher budget, the selection of electric breast pumps at Baby Brands Direct offers a great choice of features and functions. Electric breast pumps often speed up milk expression, so they’re great for busy mums or those without the physical capabilities to pump manually. For example, the Vital Baby Flexcone Electric Breast Pump offers a 2-phase expression, which have 9 different speed settings for ultimate control: fast, small pulses stimulate the breast to help gently encourage milk flow, then slower and longer pulses to encourage ‘let down’. This allows mum to find the perfect setting and maximise her comfort while expressing milk.

While single pumps are great thanks to their compact designs and ability to feed baby at the same time as pumping, sometimes mum wants to maximise efficiency when pumping. A selection of double electric breast pumps are available to buy wholesale, which will help increase the volume of milk collected per pumping session. The Lansinoh Smartpump 2.0 Double Electric Breast Pump has hospital level suction, a backlit LCD display that can be read in dim light and a closed system which helps prevent milk backup into the tubing. The clever Smartpump 2.0 also connects to the Lansinoh Baby 2.0 app via Bluetooth, so mum can automatically track pumping sessions! The Medela Freestyle Double Electric Flex Breast Pump features a streamlined design and is lightweight so it’s perfect for on the go. This pump connects to the MyMedela app on smartphones, so mum can keep track of her usage. The illuminated digital control panel allows mum to start or pause pumping, switch expression mode, and adjust vacuum level. The Flex pump also features comfortable Medela PersonalFit Flex breast shields for added comfort and improved milk flow!

Our selection of breast pumps from leading brands is a great way to introduce a range of breast pumps into your baby store. These fab pieces of kit are essentials for every parent and make for great gifts from family and friends. Check out the full range at Baby Brands Direct, where you can order everything baby needs wholesale.