The ABCs of Plush Toys with Ragtales

Plush toys are always a popular choice. Children build strong connections with their favourite plush toys, with many adults still having soft toys from their childhood that they can’t bear to part with. These toys have timeless appeal, offering comfort during bedtime but also giving kids the opportunity to play creatively and even role play by talking to their friend and creating new scenarios and adventures for them to get involved with! These toys are also popular with parents themselves, partly due to nostalgia for traditional toys, but also because they don’t rely on batteries or electricity to be fun and enjoyable. 

The plush toy industry grows stronger and stronger each year, with the global market predicted to be worth US$ 11,000 million by the end of 2026! As plush toys can help to boost independence and reduce anxiety in children, thanks to the comfort they provide especially in unfamiliar places, it’s not hard to understand why! Plush toys also make for wonderful, often inexpensive gifts – and adults often remember when their grandparents bought them their favourite childhood teddy bear. Ragtales Darcy Bear is a cuddly toy that could grow to be a lifetime companion. With beautiful soft cream fur, this traditional style teddy is charming and perfect for all genders and tastes.

British brand, Ragtales, offers a beautiful selection of fabric dolls and soft toys that are wonderful companions for little ones. Each product is made with gorgeous hand-picked fabrics including the softest velour. Kids will love to touch and feel these products, which helps to develop baby’s senses and provide tactile stimulation, as well as allowing children to bond with their new friend. Ragtales Ragtag Pedro the Donkey is an example of their adorable, unique character designs that children will love. This cute little donkey is made from super soft fabrics and has a beautiful scarf that gives him a classic, rustic look. 

Each doll comes with hand-knitted clothing, creating a beautiful timeless look that will appeal to parents and grandparents, who may feel nostalgic for their own childhood when picking up their child’s new doll. All Ragtales toys are presented in distinctive quality packaging, making them perfect for baby boutiques and gift stores, as well as great gifts for birthdays and christenings

The Ragtales collection offers a variety of toys from ragdolls to teddy bears – all with true heritage. Leading wholesaler, Baby Brands Direct, are pleased to be able to offer our independent retailers supply of Ragtales toys, as we feel they are wonderful, high quality additions to any store’s inventory.