The #ABCs of Potty Training With Bambino Mio

The ‘call of nature’ is a healthy process which we all go through and can be a cause of anxiety for parents when trying to identify themselves and train their child on identifying when that call is coming through and what action to take.

Interestingly, Mother and Baby magazine reports that in the 1950s the average child started potty training at around 15 to 18months, as opposed to the current age of around 18months to 3yrs. The cultural change towards both parents working, often also working longer hours and the increased availability of affordable nappies is thought to be associated with this change.

Potty training expert Amanda Jenner, director of the Potty Training Academy states that currently, “The optimum age is around two to two and a half as Children need to be able to understand verbal commands and also have bladder control i.e. not just muscle control but also the ability to recognize the signals that their bladder is full and they need to go to the toilet.”

Exactly when to start will vary per child but parents are generally given the advice to look out for the following 5 signs combined with stable home life conditions to start potty training:

  • Toddler can stay dry for 2hrs at a time
  • They let parents know when they want to go to the toilet
  • They imitate parental behaviour and follow parents to the bathroom
  • Showing signs of independence
  • Asked to be changed or dislike feeling wet

So one of the first purchases a parent might be interested in looking for to assist in the process are training pants. This transition from nappies, particularly during the day is useful in that the child can identify easier when they are wet as these do not soak up urine as well and hence its easier for them to start learning to identify what is happening.  It also aids them on their mission in going to the toilet as they can then pull down their pants themselves in order to go and of course encourages that sense of being grown up.

Bambino Mio’s training pants are an ideal choice to offer providing a choice of age relevant sizes during this transition period – 18-24m, 2-3yrs, 3yrs+ and gender appealing prints. They are 80% cotton ensuring a nice soft touch against the child’s skin and feature an inner pad for little accidents and a concealed water resistant layer that together allows toddlers to feel wetness while minimising the need for clothing changes. The training pants are also convenient to use being suitable to machine wash and can be tumble dried.

As both child and parents then focus on keep pants dry the next step is having a comfortable potty of their own which is easy to access and that they want to sit on. Having their own potty rather than using a toilet means its a more size appropriate solution and therefore easier to mount and feel secure on. In order to introduce the idea of the bathroom, in some cases parents might look for more than one potty in order to keep one in that location and another at hand or on different floors of the house.  Either way being lightweight and portable is important especially during those early days as parent tries to familiarise them with the potty and try to respond in time. Of course the overall downside of potties is cleaning them so parents will surely want something easy to clean and again lightweight.

The Bambino Mio choice of potties certainly fulfil all these essential requirements, and are deliberately motif free in gender neutral white so that reward stickers and personalisation can be used if desired. The Potty additional has a rubber grip base to minimise movement when in use for ultimate safety and easy grip back for a quick fuss free reach. There is also a choice of a larger potty chair, with a very sturdy base and a removable pot for easy cleaning. This is a good higher price point yet still very competitive potty to offer, ideal for larger or taller toddlers, and providing a more regal and comfortable base.

The next stage is transition to using the real toilet and there are 2 key items that can help with that; a trainer seat and a step stool. Firstly, a trainer seat that sits securely on top of the toilet seat can help the child feel safer, more comfortable and more confident on the toilet. The main advantages are that this can be taken on away trips and help keep continuity, the child can feel special at having this personal addition and splashguards at the front are especially useful for boys when they’re sitting down to urinate. The Bambino Mio trainer seat is perfect in providing a simple and sophisticated solution with great unique safety features of fitting snuggly underneath the normal seat so that there’s no chance of it slipping off, while also being easy to wipe clean and lightweight for easy portability.

An ideal product in tandem with this is a step stool to help the child up and onto the toilet and to rest their feet whilst getting into a good and comfortable position to go. The further pros of this is that the toddler can reach the toilet on their own, saving time and helping in the strive towards independence. In addition, the stool can double as a step up to the bathroom sink to wash their hands and get into good hygiene habits. The Bambino Mio step stool, the Miostep, is sturdy, has a textured non slip surface, white for discreet use or use elsewhere after potty training, is easy to clean and affordable. 

Finally, a successful day of potty training does not necessarily warrant a successful, accident free night. During the move from nappies to training pants parents might like to invest in a waterproof mattress protector. Bambino Mio’s is one of the latest additions to the brand’s portfolio and proving very popular as a solution driven line. It is a flat water resistant mat of 90cm x 70cm that should be used under the bed sheet. It has a soft to touch cotton surface which faces upwards and eliminates any rustling caused by movement and offers a breathable layer that helps to maintain a constant temperature for the child. The water resistant layer also provides a barrier against dust mites which can cause various allergies and is conveniently machine washable and can be tumble dried.

Bambino Mio’s potty training range of award winning products are a great line for nursery and pharmacy retailers to offer, with the one brand providing training aids from the textile lines through to BPA free plastic ones. A friendly company they also provide a downloadable potty training chart that families can use to document and encourage progress, and use to positively reward kids with stickers!

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