The ABCs of Sensory Toys with Infantino

Sensory toys are important for giving kids the opportunity to develop their key senses – such as touch, hearing and seeing – and also helps stimulate their minds while they play. Sensory toys often include a range of different textures to give babies a variety of things to feel and explore with their fingers and their mouths.

They also include lights and sounds that react to touch or the press of a button – helping to both stimulate the senses and also teach cause and effect. As well as the core senses, these toys can also help to boost spatial and body awareness and balance, promoting movement and exploration as children play. 

Some studies suggest that playing with sensory toys can also help children reduce their anxiety, as the toys help them to process the world around them and allow them to feel more confident in themselves and their feelings. This new understanding of the world can also help them to boost language and communication skills, as they will learn to express themselves better through play.

Leading baby brand, Infantino, is dedicated to providing parents and kids with the best toys for healthy development. With a focus on families and babies at the heart of all their design choices, Infantino has created a great selection of sensory toys that are perfect for little ones. 


Infantino’s Lights & Sounds Multi Sensory Balls Set is the perfect introduction to sensory toys for those who are unsure of what they are. The set includes four uniquely shaped balls to give kids different tactile experiences. These also feature sculpted elements which offer lots of places to teethe – perfect for babies with sore gums! The set teaches cause and effect with the easy grip rattle ball, as well as exploration of touch with the bumpy ball. 

The Infantino Sensory Balls, Blocks & Buddies Set is another brilliant option for a gift or for schools that need a selection of toys. This sensory box of 8 balls, 4 animals and 8 coloured, teethy cubes will ensure hours of fun for children – as well as stimulating tactile and visual development, while encouraging movement. The bright colours will help stimulate baby’s eyes, while the numbered cubes also help teach counting. 

For getting baby on their feet, Infantino’s Sensory 3-in-1 Discovery Car is the perfect choice. This interactive on-the-go walker has colourful buttons, blinking lights, exciting sounds and a variety of textures that are sure to get little ones excited. As it is a walker, it also helps to build up gross motor skills and movement. 

Check out the full range of Infantino products for more great sensory and activity toys, great for preschools, nurseries and home, available to buy wholesale at Baby Brands Direct.